About me

I was born in a poor family.After grade X I joined petite seminary, Ernakulam diocese where I studied Latin, English and religions. Later I was sent to Pontifical Seminary Alwaye to study religions, philosophy and theology. Differences with the Catholic dogmas forced me to come out of the major seminary and I later graduated in engineering. I did post graduation much later in Human Resource Management. I taught in an engg college of Kerala University for sometime and later worked as construction Manager at various levels in India and abroad. I wrote my first book when I was 19 challenging Christianity.I also wrote more than 100 poems on human pathos during this period.By 2001 I began writing in Malayalam, my vernacular,and started devoting more time to train others. 30 books (7 are in English) of mine on self -help subjects have been so far published by leading publishers of India. I have now completed a work: Why I do not believe in the Christian God.

Gender                   -           Male
Industry                  -           Human Resources
Occupation             -           Trainer, Author, Speaker
Interests                  -           Writing, Philosophy
Favorite Movies      -           The classics
Favorite Music        -           Country Music
Favorite Books       -           On Religions, philosophical and inspirational

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