Even if a villainous son murders his mother for a trivial reason, there is bound to be two opinions. The friends and associates of the killer feel that the wicked old lady deserved death long before; the general public is bound to condemn the crime. Nothing is accepted to be absolutely true or false by any society. The world generally goes by the majority view irrespective of whether it is objectively true or false. All the legal institutions weigh the arguments presented for and against a certain violation of a locally accepted law before a verdict is given. Nobody looks whether the law itself is correct. Even if an individual’s crime is proven legally, the supporters of the perpetrator will dispute the judgment.  For them, their friend is always right.  Regardless of the merits and demerits of the ruling party, the followers always support their policies and programs and the opposition always derides them.
Religions have diverse views about what is right and wrong. In Catholicism, for instance, monogamy is the rule and sex outside marriage is a ‘mortal sin.’  But Islam permits polygamy and temporary ‘marriages of pleasure.’ Most of the Christian religious mores are not acceptable to the followers of Islam. A good Moslem has to surrender himself to ‘Allah’, pray 5 times a day, make at least one pilgrimage to Mecca, give a certain percentage of one’s wealth for charity and fast during the holy month of Ramadan. The Christians have to follow the Ten Commandments and the Bible. There is nothing common between the two.  
Religious precepts are to be strictly followed in Islam and Christianity. The Hindu and Buddhist teachings are rather vague and are not to be obeyed under duress. Non-violence is appreciated by both the faiths. They do not kill or harm animals and are compassionate to all creatures. They even venerate monkeys, cows and snakes. Orthodox Buddhists and Jains go a little further: they wear masks to prevent the lowly things getting trapped in while breathing and there are others who sweep the floor ahead as they walk lest they step on an ant inadvertently. The prick of conscience when one of them injures an ant is comparable to that of a practicing catholic who commits a ‘mortal sin’.
Don’t kill, and ‘don’t commit adultery’ are not accepted the world over. ‘Killing’ is not only permitted in wars, it is the very rule. The Jewish/Christian God, Yahweh was instrumental in annihilating the kingdoms around Palestine, killing millions to settle down the Jews who were fleeing from Egypt! Christianity and Islam have waged wars for years killing thousands in the process.‘ Jihad’ is a sacred duty of the followers of Islam. Killing is a sign of valor in many a tribal sect. It is even demanded by the bride’s father to prove the prowess of the groom.
Adultery is no more a sin in the advanced societies.  And premarital sex is the norm of the day. A mother gets worried if her teenage daughter does not go steady with a boy. In India, boys and girls are prohibited from even mingling freely, let alone dating. Monogamy is still the accepted norm and sex outside marriage is totally unapproved. Sexual mores and even killing can be wrong or right depending on the context.