Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Problem is with you not with the world

There is nothing in the brain when a child is born into the world. There is no prejudice, no inclination. It is like an untilled land. One can make use of it anyway one wants. But through his five senses information flows in and he soon it forms a world view. He creates a map through which he views this world and its people. If the map has been well-formed, he would see the world right; a distorted map would find problems with all. How one has been programmed to view the world is very important.  Your entire life will be hinged on this. 
Any event will be seen trough the color of your map. A person with a good map would look for the lessons from a failure, correct himself  and start scheming for another attempt. A guy with a bad map would see the whole world crumbling when faced with a problem. There is pitch darkness all around. There is no ray of hope.

An ill formed person finds bad things all around and in every one he comes across. A well-formed one sees a lot of good instead.   Instead of trying to correct the world, correct your map, correct your personality. If you want to like others, you have to first like yourself.  If you have to appreciate others you have to have to appreciate yourself and have good self esteem. If you hate yourself or have a lot of diffidence, in all profanity, you will be a fault finder and a problem creator. The problem is with you and not with the world. Change yourself and the world will be automatically changed. 

One need not cry over one’s bad childhood, bad parents ,bad neighbors, poverty, lack of education not so good looks; one  can succeed by changing one’ map and by controlling one’s  thoughts. If one does not make use of his brain, and change his map whatever be the attributes one has, he will be a failure. If one loves oneself the whole world will start looking good.  And to love oneself, please follow the tips given in an earlier blog,  ‘Develop a Better Personality‘ 

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