Monday, April 16, 2012

Thoughts, not hard work bring success

Thoughts, if sustained for a considerable period, sink into the subconscious mind to become a belief and an expectation. If they are mixed with emotions and feelings they become powerful and get materialized very fast. That is how a lover conquers his love in a short while.  
Hard work just happens with energized thoughts. There are those who toil hard but do not reach anywhere. There are those who work much less and accomplish much more. Their thoughts, beliefs and expectations make the difference. Success is not a function of hard work but a function of your intense thoughts and beliefs. The latter attract to you forces, people and circumstances necessary for the transmutation.  
Even though thoughts have a power of their own, they become things only if they are in harmony with your inner self, are strong, energized and remain for long periods of time.                                                         Generally they produce corresponding efforts to produce the reality. If you are thinking about creating wealth all the time, you will come in possession of money. If you keep thinking about succeeding in your profession you will do so too. If you desire a long and healthy life your mind will lead you to ways and means to live fit, young and strong. If you want to lead a licentious life you will seek ways to court the opposite sex.
 Irrespective of your background, if you keep thinking about becoming a millionaire, more than half the time you are awake each day for say, two or three years you will start seeing the goal coming to you.  Have you heard that the world makes way for the one who knows where he is going? You should know where you are heading to.  You have to consciously choose your goals and start thinking about them all the time.  Once your mind is fired by the red heat of a desire to achieve, they become magnetized to attract everything necessary for the materialization.
Your thoughts can be negative or positive. If you fill your mind with thoughts of poverty, diseases and wants, your mind will attract them. Thus the poor become poorer and the sick-conscious ones get sick more often. Thoughts can be transformed into wealth or poverty or sickness just like the electrical energy gets converted into light and heat in a bulb. Our thoughts are working for us always even when we are sleeping. Fill your minds with your goals and see them as already achieved. All that you think and stand for is the key to your success.

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