Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Your Mind, Your Healer and Doctor

If you think about the various kinds of illnesses and fear their onslaught, your brain, nervous system and every cell in your body get a corresponding awareness which may produce what you fear in some form or other in the immediate future. Every cell in your body is aware how you think and feel about yourself. There is no biochemistry outside your awareness. The cells of your body understand and change as per your sustained thoughts.
Fear of failure and anxiety about diseases, guilt feelings, despair and negative attitudes will bring diseases of various hues. Peace of mind, happiness and contentment will lead to perfect health. As stated, body’s chemical and biological processes are influenced by your awareness. Healthy thoughts and beliefs can keep your cells healthy and young. Fearful, anxious and guilty ones will make them sick.

When you go after cherished goals with an intense and persistent desire for long life and perfect health, diseases keep away. Even contagious viruses and bacteria cannot break the immunity your system builds up. New knowledge, new skills, new ways, new aims keep your mind and body renewed and healthy.

Your mind (brain) is the greatest healer and doctor. The type of thoughts you engage in keep away from you or bring to you diseases of all kinds.  Keep always an intense desire to be perfectly healthy and to live long and youthful.  No drug or medicine can match the power of your mind and its attitudes. The body follows its orders and things happen as per your thoughts, dreams and desires.  

In practice, how do you translate what is described here? Have an intense desire to live long and healthy.  Tell yourself every day -preferably when you meditate –‘I am perfectly alright both in body and mind. My life begins today and my entire future lies ahead. I love this life and everyone I come across.’ When you speak these words to yourself in your Alpha (relaxed) State feel you are perfectly alright and let this feeling permeate every cell and organ. Feel you are like a kid who is just preparing to explore this world and its wonders.


  1. Drear Profa Varghese

    I applaud all you say in this brief but insightful article. After being officially labelled as a"depressive", for most of my life, I can verify that no amount of pills, talking, or listening, really offers a "cure". Such a cure, must be through self examination, realistic self appraisal, and inner balancing of all the forces within the mind. When this path, however along and painful is followed then achieved then an almost childish state of liberation can indeed be achieved. Thought must be given to those who are close to the sufferer though, as during such a process the sufferer can inadvertently become very selfish and blind.

    I enjoy your clarity of thought and writing by the way. Would you like to contribute to, and become a member of a writers and reader website that me and Rashma N Kalsie have initiated. It is called, and though it is still under continual development and enrichment, we would love to have you on board

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  2. Thank you Chris Wilson for your note. I would love to be on board your I am sorry I did not respond to you earlier.
    Give me the details as to how to post my write-ups.