Saturday, April 28, 2012

Simple tips to attract money

Most of us think hard work, brings money. This need not be true; there are more powerful and hidden laws suggested by lofty minds (briefly given below), which have a power of their own to attract money from seemingly out of nowhere. Money is a force, a type of condensed energy. Like all forms of energy, money also follows certain universal laws. By understanding them and acting appropriately we may be able to attract it.  
1. Attention
The more the attention you pay to the money that come to you and goes from you, the more the possibility for it to come to you in greater quantities. Keep precise and accurate account (in a diary) of the money you receive and spend. Enter every transaction in it detailing every cent that comes and goes. Tally the balance cash with the book balance. There should not be any difference.
2. Like any force in the universe, money has to move freely.
Holding back any payment or hoarding money prevents the flow of wealth. People wait to pay their bills until they receive the payments due to them. Reversing such an attitude can help bring in good supply of money. Most of us are unwilling to spend the money we have for even urgent necessities. This could be because of some unfounded subconscious fear. Life reflects on the outside the psychological condition inside. If your attitude is to hoard, money will be reluctant to come. If you are confident to spend more prudently, it will come back more.
3. Take care of all your present duties.
Your work is your bread winner and the source of your money. If you neglect your responsibilities, how can you expect your finances to be good? When you do your work earnestly, there is more probability for more money to flow unto you.
4. Long debt owed
Often those who suffer from money problems are those who have borrowed in the past and have refused to pay even when they have plenty to do so. Pay up an old debt now and see how your finances improve.
5. Collect back even the smallest sums others owe you.
This could be a few pennies the supermarket teller owes you or a shop owner has to give you back as the balance. Carefully collect all these cents  to help create a better money flow unto you.  
6. Conserve your energies
If you talk slow and in a low pitch you will expend less energy and thus you will be able to conserve it. This will be eventually converted into money energy. If, on the other hand, you talk loud, fast and in a high pitch you spend more of your available energy and you will be left with almost nothing for effective conversion. Watch the way the rich people talk and say things. Theirs will be almost a whisper but with firmness and conviction and hence very effective. Also, try not to dissipate your energy in petty quarrels or in trivial.
7. Maintain a journal for luck.
Even if you are a pessimist, there will be some good things happening to you. Think about the good things that happen to you every day and note them down in a dairy of ‘good luck’.  When you concentrate or emphasize more the good that occur to you, it will bring far better things again. You receive what you expect and dream about for long periods.
8. Cleanliness and Orderliness
Perhaps the simplest and most dramatic way to attract money is to raise your level of physical cleanliness at home and at work. Let your body, mind, home, office, and surroundings be tidy and orderly all the time.
9. Taking care of neglected Duties
There are cases where money will not come to you until you take care of the neglected areas of your life. Once you give those areas the attention they deserve, money or other good fortune can instantaneously come your way.
The neglected areas can be your family life or with respect to your duties to your friends or taking care of your old parents
10. Have a vision of life and follow it
Your life should have radar. It should always show your onward journey. You should not be wandering like a log of wood drifting in the flowing water. If you know where you are going the world makes way for you. If making money is your goal, all the better.
11. Purchase whatever that will give you joy
Do not be hesitant to purchase anything that will give happiness to yourself or to your family members. Spend money on what you really want or what your dear ones desire. Expand, thus, joy in your and in your dear ones’ lives. When you are ready to spend, you are confident that more of it will come to you. If, on the other hand, you try to hoard it you do not believe in your ability to make more money and thus money may keep itself away.

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