Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Truths like light and darkness

There are some truths I know like light and darkness. That there is no help coming from above and that nature is indifferent to man. No power in the universe is concerned whether man lives or dies, whether he succeeds or fails, whether he is in pain or joy.  Man’s history bears abundant evidence. The planet earth has lived with no consideration whatsoever to man or his needs. Her quakes and hot lava spewed out has devoured millions with all their belongings. Nature has devastated man and his siblings with its fury –floods, tempests, hurricanes, plagues, and famine. Of all the children born so far, a majority have succumbed to its disease germs, to the non-availability of nutrition and water, before the age of ten. A reprieve has been brought about by man’s inventions of preventive injections, advancement of medicine, agriculture and technology. The so-called gods have not helped in the least in all of man’s history. Mankind has been suffering ever since his appearance on this planet without adequate food, shelter and without protection from myriad forms of germs and vicious viruses and killer diseases. He has been orphaned and now he breathes a sigh of relief with his own efforts.

As he did not know the wondrous nature phenomena, and the workings of the universe, he deified them and arrived at the concept of gods.  He conceived evil and benign gods and started appeasing the former and pleasing the latter. Millions of gods got evolved and in tandem with the rise of powerful kings over the other chieftains, some god was elevated to a superior position resulting in monotheism. Later on fervent religious leaders established sects according to their own convictions and thinking. Now we have hundreds of warring sects each one claiming to be the followers of the true god. These diverse sects have caused most of the wars and other communal conflicts in the world throughout history.. 

And there is real brainwashing of the children to follow the religion of the parents and they become incapacitated to think freely and arrive at their own  world view or independent assessment. But a non-truth cannot be forced upon the whole lot for long. Half of all humanity do not believe in any god today. There are atheistic religions like Buddhism and communism. The other half live in the hope of an afterlife and spend a considerable amount of their time and resources for the said to be existing god and their representatives.  

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