Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Become CEO

If your mind believes something it will find out ways to make it happen. When one believes something can be done -however difficult it is- mind will figure out ways to do it. If one thinks something cannot be done, his mind will bring out all reasons why it can’t be done. If you think you can and if you think you cannot, you are right either way.
This is applicable in anything. You will find ways to overcome your problems if you believe you will overcome them. You can buy a newer and better house if you believe you will. Belief releases powers hitherto unavailable to you and disbelief brings in impediments.
If you are just pulling on trying hard to make both ends meet, you can believe you will find out a better, more paying job. If a degree/diploma/skill is required you will take/acquire it privately continuing to work, and land up in a far better position.
There is nothing impossible. Thinking makes it so. If you believe the impossible can be done you will. If you are a traditional guy believing nothing can be changed you will always like the status quo.  You will live and die with your ordinary job if you do not believe you will improve your position or go for something higher and better. You need to dream and if your dreams are consistently focused on a single goal your mind will believe it and  achieve it.
Think that you are now working in the sales department and you want to become the CEO.  A CEO has to be well-versed with every aspect of the company. Hence you start taking interest in production, accounting, finance, human resource and study the functions of each in detail. May be all your free time will have to be spent for it sacrificing pleasures of idling with friends or watching TV. Think how each work can be done in a better way. Know your products, the market and reflect on the direction your company should take. This will give you more breadth and prepare you for larger responsibilities. Think constantly about how you can can improve your work, how you can give more than expected of you.   

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