Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nature and gods are indifferent to man

Scientists agree that in an earth like planet  life has to be evolved through random chemical reactions and later, through evolution, reach levels of  advancement. . There will be millions of earth-like-planets in the universe with life in many of them. And this life will come to an end with the death of the star which gives the life supporting energy.  

Man evolved from the lower mammals like chimpanzees probably in Africa and later spread out to the different continents. Geography and climate made him black, white, yellow colored with myriad physical linguistic and cultural differences. Temperate areas like northern Europe, Japan, and America advanced more than hot regions like Africa and Sothern Asia. People are prosperous in the former and poor in the latter.  

As I write this thousands of children are dying in Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh and many others.  A majority of ll who taken birth here have died before they reached the age of ten or less. Billions have perished in natural calamities-floods, hurricanes, quakes, famine, plagues - and in wars fought for gods, religions and nations. Deadly viruses have been threatening human life. At this moment millions are fighting hunger, cancer, AIDS, TB, Malaria and dying. 

Which god has ever come to man’s help? Nature and gods have been indifferent to man; they are not concerned whether he lives or dies whether he is in pain or suffering. Man’s life had been extremely difficult from the earliest times with scarce food, the fury of nature, diseases and death.

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