Friday, April 27, 2012

Sun qualifies to be the only god

The sun created the earth from its womb; it parented the saplings, enabled it to stand on its own leg,  ensured its well-being by guiding it to a harmonious orbit and ordained its fruitful destiny for billions of years. More than any god we have been told about, the sun has been very kind to us; It kept us  at an optimum distance so that adequate but not more energy (unlike the other distant frozen planets the earth is warm but not scorching like the smaller ones nearer to the sun)) reaches the earth , its size has been made optimum  again so that there is an atmosphere  with hydrogen, oxygen, water vapor and an abundance of elements which later, using the energy  supplied by the parent resulted in the evolution of life.  The unicellular organisms evolved with the warmth supplied by the sun and diversified into myriad life-forms and the earth is now the home of a very advanced civilization.  The sun has loved us beyond even the wildest fantasy of any god or goddess.

Gods we have come across are found only in the thinking of man or in the books written by those who lived long back who never understood the workings of nature and the solar system, let alone this infinite universe. There is no tangible evidence of any good thing any god has so far done. If we analyze these gods we will find they have germinated and grown in the imagination of certain spiritually inclined people who believed in the inevitability of the existence of gods.  Any religious book has miracles and they happened only when the author was alive and not later.  Man’s quest for immortality, his helplessness before death circumscribed the continuance of the belief in such gods although he knows in his heart of hearts these are all the product of his own fragments of imagination. That could be the reason why half the world population does not believe in any god any more.  There is no need to believe in the sun (you believe something which is not there); you understand him, he is so very real, concrete, living and the true cause of every breath you take.  
The sun is tangible, all-powerful, and it lives almost eternal  (for more than 7 billion years!) compared to our existence here. He made the earth, the sky, created day, night,  light all living things and each one of us. He is not an angry god like some of those we know who punish their creations, but a benevolent one who gives out everything he has to his creations.  He is sacrificing his life and will end up as soon as his energy reserves are burnt up to keep us alive. In Hinduism, Surya (sun) is worshipped as a god and I do feel  man is obliged to sun and sun alone for his life on this planet. When we die we will merge into the energy that makes the sun burn and shine for billions of years again to bring forth billions of others and sustain them.   

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  1. i too do believe the sun is god, however it can be angry, solar flares. The egyptians were on to something, and are allot closer to the beginning, than we are today. I googled searched " the sun is the only god" and your tidbit came up. I wish more people believed this, instead of the mind fuck religion is doing to our society