Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life is beautiful…………………

 In any failure-however deep and painful- there are hidden elements of success and brilliant rays to guide and lead us up to light. Behind any deed there is a good intention. There are streaks of goodness in everything. Anyone can be happy at any moment. Beautiful-Scenery-on-Beratan-Lake-in-Bali-Island
Our enemies are those whom we see as enemies. If we hate someone he will hate us back. If we love someone he will love us back too.
This world is full of good things. Those balancing rocks, gurgling rivulets, greeneries, fragrant blooms, tranquil lakes, and the whole beauty of this nature have been specially arranged for you. Things happen here so very naturally and in perfect harmony. See how the moon rounds the earth, the earth and the moon round the sun which along with all its planets and satellites rounds the galactic nucleus in absolute precision and harmony.  A small seed germinates with tender shoots and grow into a big and beautiful tree. All these have been going on so very naturally for billions of years!  This natural harmony can be witnessed in the birth of a child, the blooming of a bud and the downward meandering flow of a stream. 
Let us celebrate this life. We are so very lucky to have taken birth in this universe during this advanced epoch. We are emanating from and going into this universe. Little bundles of energy gave birth to us and they will return to the universal storehouse to live forever. We have no death; we will always live. Let us celebrate each second of the small time we have been allotted down here.
Let us be grateful to our parents who gave birth to us, to the teachers who led us to the world of knowledge, to all our relatives, neighbors and friends who have loved and made us happy. We have taken birth to enjoy every second. There is joy in every cell of a new born baby. Let us love all, be grateful to everything in this world and make our life a thing of joy. 

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