Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Your Brain is God

We have a belief that god (whatever it means to you) will grant you everything you wish. He loves you and makes you do what is good for you. Well, we do not know god-there are so many contradictory versions). But we have a faculty which is an all powerful god.
Brain is timeless: it formed in a miniscule way as life germinated on this planet from the combination of its abundant substances in the energy supplied by the sun. Through evolution, it grew in volume and weight and became more and more complicated (present average weight is 1.3-1.5kg and volume 1130cc to 1260cc. The weight of human brain is 2% of its body’s weight and that of a sperm whale is just .06% ( 33 times bigger).  Intelligence increased with the increase in volume and weight.
Brain’s functioning is a miracle in itself. Robert Birge estimates that the capacity of the brain is around 3 terabytes (anything between 1-10 terabytes). The human brain contains between 50-10 billion neurons and each of which interfaces with 1,000 to 100,000 other neurons through 100 trillion synaptic junctions. The total information storage capacity of the synapses in the cortex would be of the order of 500 to 1,000 terabytes. The nearest mammal, the baboon has only about 14 billion neurons.
Why do we have such an amazing machine within us? It is certainly not to carry on the bodily functions. Even one hundredth of it is not required to do that. It has miraculous powers. If you are thousands of miles away from home and if something happens seriously to you, your mother at home will get inkling almost immediately. Brain has telepathic powers. It was reported that Yuri Geller could bend metal objects by concentrating on them and even the spoons and forks in the kitchen cabinets of those who watched the program got bent too!  While you travel in a bus if you concentrate on the person sitting in front of you he will turn back in a few minutes. Your brain has special powers. There are people who can read a book opened behind a curtain without seeing -clairvoyance. If you give repeated suggestions in a relaxed state, to cure an affliction you suffer from, it is almost certain your subconscious mind will do the healing. If you dream a goal with belief or intensity at least half the time you are awake for a year or two it is certain you will get it.  But if the thoughts are highly emotionalized as when you desire a person in marriage, it happens very fast-regardless of the problems on the way.  
The brain brings about every ‘miracle’ that happen in every religious place in the world. (the ‘holy’ place makes you believe fully that your prayer will be answered and anything that you believe fully is materialized by your brain). The howls, shouts,  flashing lights or a mysterious silence-all help to make your beliefs intense. There is nothing human brain cannot accomplish. It can cure you of any disease; it can bring you riches, fame, prosperity or anything else.       

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