Wednesday, April 4, 2012

R you a successful executive? Check it up.

There is a magnetism in them which is easily recognizable. They move briskly and talk low, precisely and distinctly.  
Their communications are normally effective (they produce the intended result). 
There will be warmth in their handshakes. They radiate a special energy in whatever they do. They connect with people easily and make a lot of friends of both the sexes. 
 They are generally ambitious in nature. 
They are after achievement of goals. They are not generally interested in gossips and idle talks. 
They plan their work and follow the priority of work decided previously.The do not waste their time.   They are always dressed up neatly and smartly.
They are good team leaders and are good in resolving conflicts.
They are normally welcome in any group. 
They take life as a challenge. They are conquerors enjoying an adventurous spirit. They love taking risks. 
They have leant the art of transmuting sex energy into achievement energy. Someone  from the opposite sex normally drives them forward.
They are generally honest and loyal to their company /superior or profession.
They try to make their dear ones happy always. 
They will be following the principle, ‘go the extra mile’ and do more than they are paid for. 
They update their knowledge related to their work and are alert to innovative techniques, ideas and products.
They are careful to keep promises and compliment others .
They are generally willing to help others and try to see good in everything. 
They are generally optimists. They generally learn from their mistakes and failures and try not to repeat the same mistakes again.   
They generally invest in themselves and are up-to-date in their subject. 

Check up as to how many of these points are applicable to you.  

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