Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You can be lucky too

Generally people do not know how much they can accomplish. They think that only a few are destined for success and all the others are just unlucky or destined to be mediocre.  ‘There is a grey cloud over my head,’ they say. Or ‘I have been set like this.’ They feel they have effectively no control over their lives. They go wherever the river of life takes them.   
There is no luck or ill-luck. Luck comes when your thoughts and actions are streamlined to what you want. Ill-luck comes when you idle away your time, do your work perfunctorily and accept whatever life doles out to you. The truth about luck is contained in the following verse of a famous poet:
"He worked by day and toiled by night;
He gave up play and some delight;  
Dry books he read, new things to learn.
And forged ahead success to earn;  
He plodded on with faith and pluck,  
And when he won men called it luck.”  

The world fails to see the efforts and toil one does before he triumphs. No one is doomed to failure. It comes as a result of intense desire, full-time focus and controlled thoughts. There has been a conventional belief that you have to earn success either by doing hard work or by doing always good. This is no longer true. It is all vibrations. When you think and believe something with all your heart, all your soul and all your body you will get it. When you see your goals as already achieved in your thoughts, feelings and emotions it will become a reality very soon. 

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