Monday, February 22, 2016

10 common sense reasons why there cannot be a god

1.      The presence of an eternal hell where the souls of men and women are roasted for some temporal sins they committed in their earthly life. The said punishment is unimaginably disproportionate to the crime. No timeless or temporal Being can punish anyone so cruelly. It is against every natural justice.

2.      God chooses a small tribe as his own and conducts bloody wars killing other tribes to settle them.  He lets his tribe kill the elderly and children, burn orchards, and take virgin females as sexual slaves. An Almighty cannot love only a small stupefied nomadic peasant-tribe to the exclusion of all the others.
3.       He wanted animal and human sacrifice; the sweet smell of the blood and fatty meat was required to appease His anger, to make Him pleased and to pardon the sins of his people. Animals are also His creations and no sensible Being would want to kill that which He created.

4.       He sent His angels to slit the throat of the children of Egyptians. Can we assume God creates children and then cuts their throats to punish His enemy?

5.       God wants circumcision and genital mutilation!  Can a supernatural Being be more vulgar and stupid?

6.       In most of the religious books women are oppressed. They are pictured as instruments for man’s pleasure which is an utter nonsense and incompatible with the genetic and biological make up of man and woman and the universality of any god.

7.       All major religions disintegrated into thousands of warring sects that culminated into prolonged and bloody wars. Catholic Church excommunicated the heads of the Patriarch of the East, the ruler of England, Martin Luther, John Calvin and many others and thus paved the way for bloody and prolonged conflicts.  Martin Luther opposed the pope’s selling of indulgences as it was wrong to assume that souls would be freed of their punishment in purgatory by giving money to the Pope. Islam has also diversified into opposing sects that wage bloody battles.

8.       Inter-religious rivalry has ended up in major wars like crusades, Hindu-Muslim, Jewish Arab wars, of the medieval and modern times killing millions. Man’s hatred towards his co-traveler starts from his desire to prove the superiority of the God he believes in.  

9.       There is nothing divine in the history of any religion. There was a time in the Church history when harlots ruled papacy and the illegitimate sons of the popes became the next pontiffs. Many powerful rulers like the king of France and the German emperor chose popes of their whim and fancy.
The inquisition courts of the Catholic Church labeled many honest people as heretics and burnt them at stake. It burnt English men like John Wycliffe and William Tyndale who translated the Bible into English. It burnt Bruno and persecuted Galileo for advocating the heliocentric theory. Even during their times the Catholic Church stood for the foolish geocentric theory. Inquisition courts from 1100s to 1808 routinely arrested and tortured Jews, Muslims, dubious Christians and numerous other religious followers. The tortures were beyond belief, including hanging by the toes or thumbs, toe crushing, bone breaking, simple beatings, foot roasting, and blinding by red-hot pokers. After such tortures, the condemned was strangled, and then burned at the stake. The so-called “witches” were rounded up tortured, burnt and slaughtered for centuries throughout Europe. The average total of the dead is around 100,000. Even the capable Joan of Arc was burnt at stake.

10.    Modern church has more wealth than any government or corporation but it does not help the poor at all. The clergy lead a licentious and luxurious life here. Jesus said: “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor.”  Christ also said in unequivocal terms ‘love your neighbor.’ The Catholic Church has flaunted both of these commandments since its inception. 
There is no help coming from above and the poor proliferate making their lives a pure agony. Still why is the Church against abortion, artificial contraception? According to the United Nations World Magazine the Vatican’s treasure of solid gold amounts to several billion dollars! The golden throne of the pope must fetch a very good price. Jesus was the poorest of the poor-he had no home, no good food, not even a pillow upon which to rest his head. Roman Catholicism, which claims to be His church, is the richest and the wealthiest institution on earth. Anyone would be outraged of the Church’s wealth and why don’t they help the poor, the destitute, the suffering and the sick? Is it not proof-enough that it doesn't believe in its own God? 


  1. I find it difficult to accept that you are an atheist. In fact, your faith and hope that God is immeasurably benevolent and it is the perverted interpretation of men that is questionable is the most reasonable position to take.

    1. how can god be benevolent when it pits his children against another !

    2. ksranjani sadashiv
      why don't you just answer the #1 in the list?

    3. He is taking the point of view of the religious person asking from that perspective. i.e. the position the religious person takes is one where they believe in and have faith in God and is questioning that position. In any case, if you have answers to these 10 points, the world would like to hear them.

    4. Well good thing for the professor that your acceptance is unnecessary.

  2. I believe it is the position of the Church or any religious institution that is questionable. How can Almighty love a few people to the exclusion of others? It is the interpretation of middlemen to force people into submission into a particular definition of faith.
    @Mcintosh- nobody puts forth views for others' acceptance. His acceptance of my views is as unnecessary to me as mine is for him...

    1. Ask your self where the idea of "Almighty" originated. You cannot deny it is from man-contrived, bronze age manuscripts, adjusted throughout the years, without which, your idea of god would not exist. Perhaps it is that position you should be questioning.

  3. Religious strategies exploit weakness to believe without proof and motivating with fantasies to create fanatics.