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Who was the real father&wife of Jesus

Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph. But Gospels ascribe his fatherhood to Yahweh, the Jewish God. It is strange to think that Yahweh had the endowments to impregnate Mary! His parents circumcised him as per the Jewish laws (remember the covenant of Yahweh with Abraham) and he grew up with his brothers James, Joseph (Joses), Judas (Jude) and Simon and sisters (names are not mentioned in the gospels.) It is not clear whether Yahweh fathered the brothers and sisters also –there is no mention of it in any of the gospels-or he left the job to Joseph who accepted Mary although she had cuckolded him in the first place. 

Mary and Joseph were poor people. The family grew up to be a large one (4 brothers and some sisters, as mentioned above, are given in Mark 6:3). Joseph was a carpenter and Jesus evidently got apprenticed to this trade. He grew up a Jewish boy among the Jews. He studied the Jewish scriptures first at home and then in the school attached to the synagogue. As he felt he was thorough with the Torah, he had noisy and quarrelsome arguments with the Jewish scholars.
After his birth, nothing is known of the life of this Almighty God until he reached the age of thirty years except that like Buddha he had a scholarly debate with the Jewish scholars in the Jerusalem Temple when he was twelve. He grew up an ardent Jew with fire in his belly raving against the hypocrite deeds of the Pharisees and Scribes.  He exhorted the Jews to return to the ways of the Jewish God and his laws. He started preaching when was thirty and it continued for I year as per the synoptic gospels and for two or three years according to John.  How many years he actually roamed and preached? None Knows. 

Jesus seems to have had developed a great quality like today’s Yehowa’s witnesses. He must have had learnt the skills of today’s healers mixing his preaching with halleluiahs and deafening noises. He could have been a real performer like the modern day Pentecost. He could thus cast away devils, cure nervous diseases which are termed miracles in the gospels.

With his fiery eloquence and steadfastness, he got a few rustic followers anywhere he went and there were a few women who really got attracted to him too. The beautiful Mary of Bethany -in all probability Mary Magdalene-who lived a sinful life, was the most conspicuous among them. She anointed Jesus by pouring the contents of an alabastron jar of nard (or spikenard), a very expensive perfume, which angered some of the onlookers especially Judas who felt the perfume could have been sold for a year's wages—300 denarii—and the money given to the poor!  But Jesus liked the whole episode and Mary became dearer to him. By loving a prostitute of his time he must have had become a revolutionary. 

 They probably got into a relationship that ended up in a marriage. They had a few children but the ardent preacher-gospel writers wanted to make him a virgin god unlike his own father who was quite virulent and they simply ignore this part of his life. But the gospels do mention he was a Jewish rabbi and hence he had to have a family (a wife and children). The gospels also mention about Mary’s decision to visit his body on the Sunday after the Crucifixion-to wash and anoint it. Scholars feel women of Jesus’ times never washed rabbi’s or male bodies. Only males did it —unless you were the man’s wife. Mary washed and anointed his body and this shows she was his wife.

The Lost Gospel(based on a manuscript written (570AD) on Vellum–treated animal skin-in Syriac, a language closely linked to Aramaic(spoken by Jesus) found in the British Library reveal many things previously unknown. Professor Barrie Wilson -a professor of religious studies in Toronto- and writer Simcha Jacobovici  an Israeli-Canadian film-maker who translated the text-feel the sources have enough evidence to prove Jesus and Mary were married and they had two sons. 

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