Friday, September 18, 2015

Why I do not believe in the Christian God

The Christian God created our first parents out of His love. But immediately afterwards He puts them to a test and they fail. God opens the gates of hell for them and lets all sorts of pain and suffering to befall man. Natural calamities begin to wreak havoc with His creations and billions perish in them with all their dreams.  A majority of the children have died before reaching the age of ten! Why does God create them at all?  Why did He send the test knowing fully well that they would fail? He had an earlier experience with the angels and He never seems to learn.
A loving God would never wipe out humanity as Yahweh did during Noah's time, nor would He destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for their immoral behavior. He would not be like an ethnic maniac wiping out entire Canaanite armies, men, women and children simply to settle His tribe, Israel. He would not be happy beheading the firstborn of Egyptians. Nor would He demand animal and human sacrifices as we read in the Bible.
 Why did the Almighty choose to reveal Himself only to a small tribe of semi-stupefied peasants in the desert regions? Is He not concerned about all the others?
God’s redemptory plan looks silly and absurd. Why should the descendants of Adam and Eve  be born in ‘Original Sin’ for no fault of theirs? His plan to send His only begotten and beloved Son is known to us only after St. Paul enunciated his doctrine of redemption. There is no mention of it anywhere in the Old Testament which spoke of the coming of a mighty king in the line of David to redeem the Jews from their slavery.
The gospel story of Jesus was fashioned after the mythical gods like Osiris, Dionysus, Attis, Mithras, Aesculapius, Apollonius and others. We find virgin birth, shepherds, wise men, miracles, 12 disciples, last supper, raising the dead, getting crucified and resurrecting. Jesus lived and died a Torah-abiding Jew who rebuked Jews for their hypocrisy and non-observance of the their laws. He was scourged, persecuted, made to carry a cross and killed. 

What kind of Almighty can this be?  A nod of His head was enough to wash away the simple disobedience of the first parents whom he had tricked into failing by sending a serpent to tempt the woman. God created poor humans without any request from their part and makes them suffer. How can God give eternal punishment for a temporal sin?  Where is the element of love in this? The whole story sounds diabolic and cruel.
Did the Almighty God walk along the rugged paths of Galilee? What did this God do for 30 years before He started His ministry? The gospels written many decades after Christ’s death in Greek (Christ and his Jewish fishermen-disciples spoke Aramaic) contradict each other and we do not know a single word he said or a single deed he did.   
The Jewish God, Yahweh became the Christian Almighty God after Jesus' death and the same God inspired Christians to persecute and Haunt down Jews for 2000 years! Millions of Jews were killed. Thus Yahweh-the common God-who chose the Israelite tribe as His own and who traveled with them in an arc in the desert and protected them from enemies killed them later! Nonsense.
Parents and society program our brains to believe their religion without questioning. Christians believe in Christianity, Muslim believes in Islam and Buddhists in Buddhism. Communists are programmed to believe in atheism. Religions, although they have contradictory and opposing beliefs, make people their slaves. They have caused thousands of wars and they still make people do evil to their neighbors. It’s high time to break the chains that bind us and become free. Many of the advanced people think that religion causes more harm than good and the least religious societies tend to be more peaceful, prosperous with less crime rate. Why do we have to be religious wasting our resource and time?
Early man created gods as he did not understand nature phenomena (which he deified) and his own body and brain. He wanted to find a reason for the suffering and pain and the founders of religions like Christianity thought of the first parents and the Original Sin and the subsequent cursing of God.History is littered with dead gods. The Greek and Roman gods and thousands of others have perished. Yet a few more survive and belief in them should be scrapped as they are nonsense. 


  1. You were doing so well until "Communists are programmed to believe in atheism"
    like atheism isn't the default position people would take without religious programming.

    1. All religions arose originally without any programming. So atheism is not the default option.

    2. That was before we knew anything about biology, physics, astronomy... With what we know today, it is the default.

  2. One can not beleive in atheism. Atheism is never a belief. Many atheists are not communists and all communists are not atheists (though they should be)