Sunday, September 27, 2015

Christian-beliefs, Bible-god are all primitive

Only the weak minded and superstitious people will worship a God without understanding it is an ancient and primitive custom. Why should we emulate them in the 21st century? We should live our lives to the full; it is not to be spent studying an old stupid book, praying, listening to sermons and participating in magical rituals. Christianity imposes a large amount of guilt into every man through the teaching of the original sin. The grand design of God to save mankind through the passion and death of His own son is another cardinal point of Christianity. Is it not absurd to believe that a god would send His only son to get scourged, struck, tortured and crucified to redeem man from his sins when He could wash it off with a nod of His head? Religion has drugged people to believe all this shit. IM Free కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

Old Testament Bible describes God as wrathful, jealous, scatological, pornographic and atrocious. Did Jesus actually live?  All accounts of him are from hearsay writings. Contemporary historians are almost silent on him. There is no evidence for the life of Christ other than what some ardent second or third generation preachers who wanted to project him as god and an establisher of a new religion have written. Jesus was a Jewish, Torah-abiding teacher-reformer who wanted the Jews to return to the ways of Yahweh. The new sect, Christians established and promoted by the intellectual St. Paul, got an upper hand when the Roman Empire accepted this pernicious sect as its official religion.
 It is now known with certainty how this universe came into existence and how life appeared on an earth like planet of a sun-like star placed more or less at the same distance as the earth is form the sun.  Further, a vast amount of available evidence show that man evolved through evolution. God has no place either in the creation of the universe or that of man. 

The process is the other way round. Man created gods and made religions of all hues. Stephen Hawking has declared that there is no God and that science can prove god does not exist. Einstein thinks in the same line too.  'There is no aspect of reality beyond the reach of the human mind,' says Hawking. 

The Bible God promises eternal life to those that make a contract with Him. Will it be one of happiness? Who knows? You will be tied with nice shackles and you have  to be with God always singing His praises. You will not be free again. Is it not a better option to simply live your life for what it is worth without the contract of a God?  (Einstein believes that soul and afterlife are man’s creations). Our life will be full and wonderful only if we are intellectually and physically free to make it meaningful as we feel fit.  Why do we have to surrender our life and free-mind at the foot of a God/religion that will make us slaves? 

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