Saturday, September 19, 2015

Why the Bible is not worth a dime?

The Bible consists of 66 books, chaotically cobbled together by 40 or more different, unknown and unconnected men over a period of 2,000 years. The book begins with a creation fable and deluge and ends with four accounts of Jesus that has ample conflicts with each other. Obscene stories, cruel and tortuous massacres, details of animal sacrifices for God, sex, unrelenting vindictiveness fill more than half of the Old Testament.  
Thomas Paine in his book, “The Age of Reason” has amply shown that most of what is in the Old Testament has been stolen from pagan sources. The story of Adam and Eve comes from Babylonia, its flood, deluge, Arc come from deluge myths and even the names of Noah and sons are copies. Moses is fashioned after the Syrian Mises. Commandments are from Hammurabi’s code. Its Messiah is derived from the Egyptian Mahdi (savior).
Why did God stake the entire future of mankind on the test to the first parents alone?  Even if they disobeyed Him why should the entire people who came after them suffer for their simple disobedience? The moment they ate that fruit, wheels were set in motion to destroy man forever. God drove them away from the paradise and the souls of the dead were hurled into the fire of hell! Misery, suffering diseases, plagues and pain started to pound man. 

The Bible is being forced upon people as Holy and beautiful although there is hardly anything holy or nice in the whole thing except some psalms and songs of Solomon. We should not be teaching it to our children or anyone for that matter. It is dominated by a fiendish and angry God who destroys the entire kingdoms of Canaan area to settle his chosen tribe Israel.  God was so happy killing all including infants and toddlers in the deluge in Noah’s time and in Sodom and Gomorrah. He sent his angels to behead all the firstborn in His monstrous campaigns against the Egyptians (read Exodus). His passion to kill the first born remained alive for long. The Israelites celebrated the Passover and sprinkled blood on their doorposts so that God wouldn't kill their firstborn children (Hebrews 11:28).
God’s particular love for Israel to the exclusion of all the others is a proof that the Bible God is a fictitious character. As Christopher Hitchens ask, ‘what kind of designer or creator chooses to reveal Himself to semi-stupefied peasants in the desert regions?’

God sees women as accursed and treats them as sex objects of men and oppresses them. Daughters could be solved as slaves by their fathers.(Exodus 21:7-8) A man could rape and marry the lady after paying a few shekels to her father! (Deuteronomy 22: 28-30). Woman was a commodity that could be sold or bought. 
How can this thing be the best or bestselling Book? May be it is forced upon people as they force children to accept Christianity without any consent from them. Modern day terrorists and serial killers must have leant a lesson or two from the Old Testament practices like stoning adulterous women, raping, and beheading firstborns, massacring people and animals and annihilating opposition armies even by throwing heavy stones from heaven. This book needs to be banned if it leads people to violence, deceit, falsehood and treachery.

There are parallels between Jesus and the pagan gods (like Osiris, Dionysus, Horus, Mithras, Apollonius) who were born of virgins, did miracles, died and resurrected. There is an amulet depicting the god Dionysus on a cross, very similar to the way we see crucified Christ’s picture. Mithras carried a lamb, had 12 disciples, and had a final meal before dying. On the final day he will return to pass judgment on the living and the dead. His followers had baptism and a meal ritual where symbolic flesh and blood were eaten! Greek God, Apollonius of Tyana also healed the sick and the crippled, restored sight to the blind, casted out demons and so on. His birth was of a virgin, foretold by an angel. He knew scripture really well as a child. He was crucified by the Romans, rose from the dead and appeared to his disciples to prove his power before going to heaven to sit at the right hand of the father. He was known as, “The Son of God”. There are many resemblances between Christ’s story and that of Krishna and Buddha too. 

The Holy Bible is getting a Twitter makeover.

Gospels, for obvious reasons, introduced a number of miracles into the life of Christ; as many of the young gods of the pagan cults walked over water, cured the crippled, gave sight to the blind, made water into wine and rose up the dead. The story of the God-man was probably fabricated on some Torah-abiding preacher-healer. His story is an obvious a rehashing of the numerous Pagan gods. Little can be known about Jesus (what he did or said) from the Gospels. There are scholars who doubt whether he lived at all. The great historians of the period like Philo, Flavius Joseph, Cornelius Tacitus and Tranquilus Suetonius are almost silent on him. There is a strong evidence-based thinking that there was no city called Nazareth in the 1st century. Nazarene becomes a mere fabrication.

There are many contradictions (starting from the genealogy, birth story, childhood, public ministry)even in the 4 gospels, selected and canonized by the Synod of Trend from a number of gospels that existed with different stories. They were written between 70-140AD in Greek by unknown authors based on stories and pagan gods’ lives. It was St. Paul who gave a meaning to Jesus’ passion and death and he originated God’s grandiose plan to save man (there is no mention of it at all in the Old Testament-the Jews were expecting a mighty king to deliver them from slavery). St Paul adopted the pagan rituals, (which became the holy sacraments later) Easter, Christmas and the Mithraic Sunday. 

This book has been copied, revised, distorted, compiled and changed by numerous hands over a long period with no central theme. It is utterly inconsistent and nonsensical in innumerable places. Most of us believe Bible is the word of God because we have been brainwashed into believing so. At the hands of St Paul and others an angry unjust, unforgiving, vindictive, blood thirsty, infanticidal, genocidal tribal God Yahweh became a loving Almighty God and a Torah-abiding firebrand preacher a son of god- through this Bible.

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