Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Darkness at noon - Super Power India RIP

The ruling politicians have reduced this great country a corrupt anarchy. Amidst rampant corruption and poverty comes the electricity failure putting more than half of a billion people in total chaos and suffering. Many were stranded in the metros, as the electric trains stopped midway; commuters had a horrendous day, leave alone the woes in factories offices and houses. It has spotlighted the country's worsening power crisis to the entire world. India's capability to attract investors will be questioned hereafter.

The grids or networks that connect commercial and domestic consumers collapsed dramatically a second time. The entire grid, from metering to generation has to be IT enabled as elsewhere, there should be a mechanism to catch those who overdraw. But in a corrupt chaos anything can happen anywhere. Unlike elsewhere in the world where grid collapses are caused by freakish acts of nature, the latest darkness at noon is the result of poor long term planning and abysmal lack of grid discipline which can happen only in a country like in India. Delhi, the national capital and the seat of power has been plunged into darkness for the last few days and the authorities are totally powerless!
Half the country went dark during the biggest electricity breakout and the electricity minister who is ultimately responsible was given a promotion to the Home Ministry!      

It is known to one and all that 60% of the population is living with around  Rs20-30 a day. Half of all its children are malnutritioned or stunted. The women suffer the worst; illiterate, devoid of any right to decide their life or future they are turned into child-producing factories. Half of the entire population (more than 600 million people do not have toilets! There is no priority or planning in the spending of the national income. Defence gets a lion's share of the budget obviously with an eye on the kickbacks in purchasing weapons. the money allotted for the poverty alleviation programs are all eaten away half the way and very little trickles down to the needy. And our nation becomes one of the poorest and of course most corrupt country

India becoming a super-power? Don't joke!       

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