Monday, July 2, 2012

How India becomes poorer

It is known to all that political leaders amass wealth through unfair means in India. This blatant sin is  forgotten by the masses,  being brain washed by their orchestrated media lies and nonsensical vote- bank- politics. People, carried away by their rhetoric that soothes parochial and religious sentiments vote them to back to power.  A person who follows truth and justice or one who is truly interested in the development of the country can never reach a powerful position here. They can be just crusaders like Jayaprakash Narayan or Anna Hazare. Those who wield power and head departments/ministries dispensing money all seem to be corrupt to the core.  
Like any other present day socialistic country,  India  has produced two distinct classes: those who work and contribute to the tax base and those work little and eat away the tax payer’s money. The Government servants do little, enjoy a lot of holidays and free time and earn fabulous salaries and very high pension. The wealth they accumulate through unfair means is not accounted here. The private sector employees, peasants and workers have to work like donkeys but are paid much less without any pension. Pay should be proportionate to the input.  There should be accountability--one should shoulder some responsibility in proportion to the pay and perks. Let us take the University teachers in this country as an example. It is an accepted fact that our educational system is totally inefficient and makes our youth ‘unemployable.’  The college teachers do very little work ( 2-3 periods  for an average of 10-12 days a month ) but they are paid around Rs100,000/pm!  They enjoy more holidays than working days and in each 8hr-working day they have more free time than working time. Still, they are paid the fabulous salaries in this poor country where 50% earn Rs20/ a day! In the private sector an employee has to work 10-12-14 hours each day  to earn one third what these teachers get.  See the disparity. The private sector workers contribute more to nation building than these lecturers.  Even without their teaching, students can manage a good pass by studying the portions by themselves as many of them do now.  

Our UGC follows foreign norms in pay scale but are unable to bring accountability as in the developed nations.  They do not follow developed countries norms in the selection of the candidates: the process is controlled by an objective type exam (which has practically nothing to do with one’s ability to teach) and follow caste based reservations.   People allege a lot of corruption in the PSCs, and UPSCs appointments.  This applies to each public sector.  And the result:  we have inefficient people in every key area.   A socialist nation like India, no wonder, becomes poorer day by day.

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