Friday, July 13, 2012

The illusion of socialism

State governments like Kerala spends around 75% of its total income for the salary and pension of the state government employees! The remaining 25% is available for all others put together like public works, education, healthcare, starting industries,  governmental spending and so on.  Government servants constitute a mere 2% of the population. It thus becomes clear that 75% of the tax money of a state is earmarked for keeping 2% of the population well-taken care-of. The remaining 98% has to mend for themselves. The government is least bothered. Is it not shameful that in a socialist country like India, more than 50% of the population live with just Rs.20-30/- a day in abominable conditions?

Knowing this anomaly why are our politicians creating more and more government posts? There is a lot of bribe money in appointments, transfers, promotions and they are shrewd   to project the whole thing to the common people as ‘employment creation’. People being naive believe them and they feel the politicians are serving them well by creating more posts in the government sector. It is common knowledge that the job of four government employees can easily  be done by just one.  Why not the government then reduce the public posts to one-fourth? Which politician is interested in the welfare of the state or country? Is the state or country going to progress by creating more unwanted, non productive government clerks?

Industrial and agricultural production is a must for a state to develop economically. More goods and services are to be produced either in the private or public sector.  Where is the money for starting up industries? Where is the money for developing  the  service sector? The whole resources are earmarked for the salary and life-long pension of ‘non-workers’. And the net result?  The 2% government employees with their high pay, pension and bribe- money are well-off doing nothing. While the vast majority are reeling under poverty and their plight is deplorable as they are unorganized and powerless.      

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