Thursday, July 5, 2012

India, a corrupt anarchy

India is characterized by rampant corruption at all levels without any accountability anywhere and the rule of law has been made a mockery.  The politicians, government and public sector employees amass wealth through unfair means and hold themselves unaccountable to anything. They work little and get highly paid with life-long pension for looting the people!  There is corruption in every department. The tax authorities extract bribes rather than collect taxes. The law enforcers use the laws to get bribes and to loot the commons in the guise of implementing them.  The Indian police, supposed to serve the people, is regarded corrupt and insensitive to the people’s issues.

The politicians get a part of the bribe right from appointing people to all levels of bribe-collection. This explains why they want more appointments although further appointments are not warranted. Many of them  have very little work. It is known to many in that a PWD engineer, if he is not interested in the bribe-money, need not attend office or do any work to get fully paid.   Don’t the Chief ministers and Prime minister know that no building plan is sanctioned without giving bribe, that no electricity connection is given without giving a bribe, that hardly any file moves without greasing their palms? Most people remain at the mercy of the corrupt administration which exploits them unbelievably. Then why the hell they are paid from the tax-money collected from the people? 

The natural wealth of the country, and it has been abundantly blessed in this regard, is looted by the corrupt leaders, government officials and their cronies. Was the PM not aware that the 2G spectrum was sold to the private companies at a pittance? Was the PM not aware of the perils of the present arbitrary allocation of the auction of coal blocks which caused huge losses to the government? If the 2G case brought a loss of 2 lakh crores, the latter brought about hundreds of lakhs of crores!. All this immense wealth is gulped up by the political leaders and the officials.  It is amply clear the governments at the center and at the states is least worried about the common man. They are there to increase their wealth and that of and their cronies.  And see, half of all Indians get just Rs20-30 a day and they are at the brink of death.  Half does not have even a toilet; 50% of our children are malnourished and stunted. Where is the wealth of this great nation disappearing? Into the pockets and the foreign accounts of the leaders and officials?   

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