Friday, July 6, 2012

Are we lucky to have been born in India?

 Yes and no. Lucky in the sense we share a great civilization, the culture of a great country which dates back to pre-history.   Perhaps, civilization began in the history of the world, first,  on the banks of the Indus and later it on moved to the plains of the Ganges. We have been bestowed with the oldest and the greatest philosophical and religious books like the Vedas, Upanishads and the Bhagavat  Geetha.   Great peace-loving religions like Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism  started here and spread to the farthest corners of the world. Our forefathers cherished peaceful co-existence and were tolerant to all faiths, creeds and races. 

It is a pity that conquerors from Persia and the Middle East brought in intolerance, genocide, forced conversions and war.  Communal violence, ever since, has pierced the breast of India --before, during and after independence. The conquerors brought in a culture of violence and destruction which has bled the ethos of the cultural heritage of this great land. Later on the Europeans established their rule here exploiting the disunity of the princely states of india. The earlier conquerors and the Europeans robbed this great land of its riches and the people were oppressed for centuries.

After independence India became one of the poorest countries, which houses the maximum number of the poorest in the world. The leaders of independent India brought in massive corruption and exploited the people to their own benefit. Today, this great land has become one of the most corrupt nations on the face of the world. The political leaders have prospered beyond measure and there are people who believe the present state of affairs is worse than when the when the British ruled here. The classless socialism created the rich, corrupt leaders and government officials who loot the masses. With all the talk of the resurgent, economically progressing nation, the vast majority live with Rs20-30 a day emaciated, hungry and sick. The population increases fast and the politicians play vote –bank politics and it is a pity they are not really concerned with the development of this country.  Anyone born in India has to share poverty, malnutrition, sickness and death and we hope for the return of the good old days when peace and prosperity reigned in this great country.      

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