Sunday, July 8, 2012

Who is really 'successful' in life?

You may think the rich, the political leaders  and those at the top of their careers are really successful. But to be really successful one should be happy every day, every moment.  If these people are not, then they are not truly successful. On the other hand, ordinary guys like you and me can be ‘successful’.  The real question is: ‘am I happy and peaceful at heart?

 What will make one truly happy and peaceful? 
Riches, fame and power may not. Of course, We need adequate money for our needs. But we need not have millions. Fame and power are not essential ingredients of happiness either. If these do not bring happiness, what will?

From my experience I have found if your work is something you like and love and if you feel what you do is important for you and others you will certainly be happy career wise. That is why I always ask my seminar participants to find out a profession or career  that they will enjoy.  It is not the money and perks that matter. The work should be like a play. The earlier we are able to identify our innate aptitude and identify a career in line with it, the better.  When you do something you enjoy, you tend to do it more efficiently and more money and promotions will simply follow. If on the other hand, you have landed in something which you do not like, irrespective of the money or position it brings, you will be basically unhappy doing it.
The other point, perhaps, is we should love our dear ones. If they are not happy, you cannot be happy either. This is something overlooked or bypassed by people today. Our relationships with those close to us do determine our happiness levels. May be we have to sacrifice a bit here, a bit there, and spend for them a little more of what we earn.  May be we have to spend more time for them and show more genuine consideration and love. May be we have to control our responses to make them happy and avoid hurting them in any way.

The only other point which I can think about is to develop a positive attitude and a helping mentality.
 Let us be grateful to this universe for having given birth to us at this era and let us try to help our co-travellers as  much as we can. You have here the philosophy of success.  

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