Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Popes apologize...

Pope John Paul II made a sweeping apology for the Church’s 2,000 years of violence, persecution and blunders from the Altar of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome on March 13, 2000. He sought forgiveness for the sins committed against Jews, heretics, women, Gypsies and native peoples. He had also pleaded for a future that would not repeat the mistakes. "Never again," he had said.

The present Pope Francis has already agreed that one in 50 priests (including bishops and cardinals) is a pedophile which is 'leprosy' infecting the Catholic Church. He also said that many more in the Church are guilty of covering it up, adding: ‘This state of affairs is intolerable.’ He added that the Church needed to apologize and explain how ‘utterly devastated’ it was about its history of child abuse. He has not explicitly mentioned how its priests and bishops sexually abuse girls, nuns, women, wives and others.

It is time for the present pope to make another apology to mankind for the Church’s policies against abortion and artificial contraception. The poor proliferate and their life is a real agony now as it has ever been. There are billions living in abject poverty now. The heavenly father who feeds the birds of the air does not help them at all. According to the United Nations World Magazine the Vatican’s treasure of solid gold amounts to several billion dollars! The golden throne of the pope will fetch a very good price too.  Further, the church is the biggest real estate owner; it has large investments in the leading banks of the world and has more wealth than any government or corporation in the world. Anyone would be outraged of the Church’s wealth and why don’t they help the millions of the poor, the sick, and the orphaned?  Is it not defying the express command of its founder, Jesus who ordered to sell everything and give it to the poor?  

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