Sunday, April 22, 2012

Get anything through Alpha Meditation

Whatever you believe becomes the reality. And whatever that sinks into the subconscious mind becomes a belief.  But how can you reach the subconscious mind? When you sleep your subconscious mind is working and while awake, as your conscious mind is awake too, it is not easy to each the subconscious. One has to reach Alpha Level to get access to it. When we are awake our brain’s vibrations are around 14 cycles per second.  While we sleep it reaches 7 cycles or lower. This stage of the brain is termed the Alpha Level. If one can reach this state while awake, whatever is suggested gets sunk to the subconscious.  
How do we reach Alpha Level when we are awake? Sit relaxed but upright on a comfortable chair in a quiet place. Close your eyes, Take four or five deep, slow breaths holding each for 10 seconds or so and then exhale slowly feeling relaxed.  Count down from 10 to one feeling every cell of your body getting relaxed as you do so. Now hold your attention on breathing and exhaling alone. You are now in the Alpha Level. Bring your goal statement (with eyes closed and keeping  you mind concentrated) to your mind.. As you repeat the same internally, do so with belief, feeling the same in each cell of your body. Feel that you have already achieved what you are stating and live in that state for a few minutes.. You may also see your dear ones coming and congratulating you on your achievement. See a person whom you hold in the highest esteem appreciating you. End the session by counting from 1 to 5. As you open your eyes, feel confident and happy.
Alternately, you can try this: record your goal statement a number of times in  a deep sonorous voice and program the record player (as you are lying down to sleep) such that it will play the message say, after half an hour or so. You will start hearing the suggestion once you are asleep.  As it will be repeated a number of times, for months and months it creates a deep impression in the subconscious mind leading to belief. If someone else repeats the same to you a number of times while you are asleep over a prolonged period will bring the desired result too.   
There is no known shortcut to influence the subconscious mind other than through repeated affirmations.  Plain unemotional words do not influence it. Emotionalize the thoughts with belief before sending them to the subconscious mind. One can overcome a bad habit, heal a problem in the body or a sickness by giving appropriate suggestions to the subconscious mind as mentioned above in the Alpha Level. 

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