Saturday, April 7, 2012

Your profession: let it all be play and work

One of the timeless secrets of a long happy life: pursue a work that you can enjoy. The common denominator of the happiest souls is that they all loved their work. It was fun for them. They did not work a single day. It was all play and work. The truly successful ones simply pursued their goals without knowing whether they were working or playing. 
This is the greatest criteria you should bear in mind.   Not the pay and perks.  Not the management and the working climate. Not the scope for promotions or personal aggrandizement. Not the pension or the distance from your home or anything else. It need not be a regular job; you follow what your mind is after. It can be photography, singing, painting, bird –watching, animal or plant love, nature conservation, fashion, movie direction, sculpture, selfless service,  whatever. The question is: ‘Will you enjoy doing it? Will you be able to develop a passion for it? Chose a profession which is like a hobby.  This should be the only guiding principle in choosing your work or goal. 
When you love what you do, money will start coming. Don’t worry about it at all. If, on the other hand you went into a profession attracted by the pay,  perks and other benefits,  you will regret it the whole of your life. That will be your greatest sorrow before dying.  

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