Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to change the destiny of the poor?

Most of us do not know anything about our ‘Fate’ or ‘Destiny’ except that whatever happens, we call Fate. We feel it is all determined beforehand. Who has ordained the present? It is not easy to figure out. We feel ‘someone out there’ pulls the strings. Our parents, early childhood environment and our society have implanted in us these belief patterns. 

Remember what Jefferson has said,” The man with the right mental attitude can achieve anything. Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”. And, attitudes spring from knowledge and core belief systems. Core Belief System → Attitudes → Efforts . Hence it becomes imperative to acquire and nourish the correct knowledge.

No one will succeed in life if he thinks and believes that his life is pre-determined or ordained.
Belief in karma or fate or may create a negative mental attitude. The poor and the backward have to be, hence, awakened and given the correct knowledge. No amount of handouts in cash and kind or subsidies is going to alter the situation. They have to understand that they make their destiny, their future. The print and visual media can be effectively utilized to drive it home. Our destiny is the product of our own thinking. The poor are already programmed into believing that they are only victims of some pre-determined destiny which they cannot alter. This dangerous programming has to be first erased and new one- we make our destiny- put in place.
This is, perhaps, the first and foremost duty of the government. If each one is made to believe that a good future is possible for all –irrespective of the childhood background-the foundation for a prosperous nations is laid. Education is a primary pre-requisite but for the time being let the electronic and mass media be effectively used for the purpose. Repeat at intervals through the radio, TV and the print media that we make our destiny. No force out there has ordained anything or pre-determined our lives and that our thinking and beliefs bring our future. Let them illustrate the same with anecdotes, stories and biographies of the successful people instead of the abstract statements. 

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