Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Become Happy

The adventurous dive into the depths of oceans. The daredevil do skydiving or par jutting. Others tread the snow capped mountains to reach the dangerous peaks.
Men like Obama spend long periods establishing themselves and again spend years giving up everything-free time, family life and life’s innocent pleasures,  go to every nook and corner of a large country for years to become the leader of the nation.  
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet make billions after years of intelligent toil and give almost the entire money they have made to the needy. Again they amass wealth to give to charity.  Millions and millions around the world work hard and hard. Peasants toil in the fields in the hot sun. There are the executives who rake their brain to give direction and guidance to their company and motive the subordinates.
What are these people after?
 To become a leader or the chief executive? 
To conquer a mountain? 
To explore the sea beds?
For the thrill of the adventure?
To help their fellow beings?
To rear up a family?
Or, Just to eke out a living?

Why should they become a CEO? Why should anyone crave for adventure?  Why should anyone help others, especially the less fortunate? Why should people work for money? Certainly there is something beyond the obvious answers.  If you go deeper, everything can be reduced to 9 letters: HAPPINESS. Every one of us wants to be happy. We are all equal in this. There is no other ultimate aim behind whatever man does. Even a murder is committed to be happy (whether one will be truly happy or not is another thing). We live to be happy and peaceful.
Before we embark on anything, let us ask ourselves: will it make me happy? 

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