Monday, April 23, 2012

More the failures greater the chance to succeed

Look at the politicians who fail in a general election. They had devoted a lot of time planning and working for months or years spending their resources. Failure does not discourage them a bit; they take it in their stride and they start scheming for the next event. They analyze their mistakes and shortfalls,  take corrective steps and move on;  they never give in. They resurrect and win handsomely in a short while. Mrs. Gandhi the Indian PM was defeated in the 1977 general elections and her party was routed. She was arrested by the ruling coalition and put in jail. But she plotted her come back, worked day and night and she won the next general election. In about three years she was the PM again.

 They never succumb to despair or frustration even for a minute. This is a great lesson we have to learn from them.  They find opportunities in everything, including defeats. It is known to us all how Edison won after 10,000 failures. Lincoln conquered defeat after defeat which haunted his life throughout and eventually became the president of the United States.

Demosthenes had stammering; he overcame the affliction with years of persistent efforts (he practiced speaking with a pebble under his tongue). He is acclaimed to be the greatest orator ever lived. Narasimha Rao wanted to be the Indian Prime minister. The Nehru clan was so overbearing and the position of PM was appropriated naturally by them. He had to wait and  wait serving as a minister in the Indira and Rajiv cabinets. He eventually became the PM after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and that too without a majority for his own party.   

It is known to all how Helen sans eyes, ears and speech became one of the greatest ladies ever lived.  The spider in the story had a number of falls but succeed he did. More the failures you are given to endure, greater is the chance you get what you want.

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