Sunday, April 15, 2012

Know your actual age

One’s actual age is never the chronological age. It very much depends on one’s lifestyle and attitudes. Here we give a questionnaire which can indicate what your actual age can be. Even if the correction factor is not accurate(there are many variables which cannot be scientifically calibrated)  it will give an idea of what your actual age is.
Answer the following questions and mark your right answer as indicated.   
1.      Do you think your youth is behind and you are getting older?  Yes/No
2.      Can you run for 15 minutes or walk briskly for 45 Minutes or climb fast a 6 storey building with ease -without panting? (Yes/No)
3.      How long can you stand on one leg keeping the other leg on it a foot above ground? 70 seconds for 30 year old (Yes/No), 60 for 40 Yes/No, 50 for 50 Yes/NO, 30 for 70 Yes/No, 20 for 80 year old.(Yes/No)
4.      Can you, by exercise, increase your hearts beat by 40% up to 60 (if your beat is 70 raise it to 98) and 25% for above 60 year olds & keep it up for 15 minutes exercising without panting? Yes/No 
5.      At what height will your right hand catch a ball dropped by your left hand held high?   1.5m for up to 30-year olds Yes/No) 1.3m for -40 (Yes/No) 1.1-50 (Yes/No, 90cms -60, Yes/No 70cms for -80 year olds Yes/No 
6.      Is your left-right brains in synchrony-are both your hands equally proficient in doing daily chores like (shaving, brushing, eating, ironing,  dressing, writing, computer typing (tick the applicable ones)                                                                                                            
7.      Do you eat less than what you require (feels light always) Yes/No 
8.      Do you eat more whole grains, vegetables, fruits and avoid fatty and fried stuff Yes/No
9.      Do you avoid processed food, aerated drinks, salt, sugar and too much alcohol? Yes/No
10.  Do you maintain a good fat-body ratio (14-17%) with no flab and sagging skin? Yes/NO
11.  Is your waistline measure less than 80cms (woman) and 90cms (man) Yes/No
12.  Do you go for picnics, holidays and outing with family and friends often? Yes/No
13.  Are you always smartly dressed (at home and outside) and careful to strike friendship with others of all ages? Yes/NO
14.  Do you enjoy your work, have an aim and feel relaxed most of the time?  Yes/No
15.  Do you consciously avoid brain and memory monotony (avoid: eating the same food, dressing the same way, maintaining the same routine, taking the same route to home and office, maintaining the same ways at home. doing the same work? (tick the apt ones)
16.  Do you laugh and smile more often Yes/No 
17.   Do you spend some time meditating or sitting with a blank mind each day?  Yes/NO  
18.  Do you want to live longer and are you a positive minded person? Yes/No
19.  Do you enjoy each moment? Are you celebrating each day? Yes/No
20.  Are you financially dependent on others? Yes/NO
21.  What is your BP?  1. 80/120, 2. 90/130, 3.100/140 4. above these 
22.  What is your total cholesterol level below 1. 200? 2. 220-230? 3. Above this range
23.  Do suffer from diabetes? Yes/NO
24.  Do you suffer from a lung disease? Yes/No  
25.   Are you diagnosed with cancer or a malign growth? Yes/No
26.  Are you suffering from Kidney trouble? Yes/No
27.   Do you have a liver complaint? Yes/NO  
28.  Do you have a pet and a hobby? Yes/No
29.  Is your BMI (divide weight in kgs by the square of height in Meter)less than 25? Yes/No
30.   Do you suffer from: 1. vision problems 2. Hearing loss 3. Memory loss (tick applicable)
31.  Do you smoke or take drugs? Yes/No  
32.  Do you have a healthy sex life? Yes/No                                                                                                                                
33.  Do you have a specific goal in life? Yes/No
34.  Do you try:  different foods & Different diet, do crossword puzzles, read and try to agree/ disagree with editorials, try different dresses, go to exotic places, learn something new, do brain puzzles?(tick apt ones)
35.  Do you enjoy your family life? Yes/No  
Give marks as follows: 1: yes 1 mark, No -1 mark, . 2.Yes 1 marks  3. Yes 1 mark  4.yes 1 marks 5. Yes 1 mark, 6. Give half mark for each tick  7-14 . Yes 1 mark  15 give half mark for each tick  16-19 yes 1 mark 20 Yes -1mark, No 0 mark 21: tick 1: 1 marks, tick 2: 0 mark, tick 3 -1, tick 4 -2marks  22. 1: 1 marks, 2. 0 mark, 3. -2 marks 23-27 yes (-2)mark each, no 0 mark  28, 29 yes 1mark, No (-1)  mark each, 30-each tick (-1) mark  31 yes (-1)mark,  32-33, yes 1mark no (-1)mark. 34 each tick half  mark 35. Yes 1 mark, No -1mark
                                for 26-45 yr old            46-65 yr old        66-80 &above      
Actual age:
chronological age-   1/3 of  your  net+score     ½ your net +score     actual  +score
Actual Age: 
Chronological age+     net minus score           net minus score        net minus score   

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  1. so what is the life expectancy in this method?