Sunday, April 15, 2012

Revolutionary selling techniques

Selling has entered a new epoch of non-conventional methods; the old script is simply outdated. There is a new set of rules, approaches and tools. Today more sales calls may not necessarily result in greater sales. More business can be ensured with fewer calls. Pressuring the clients or applying closing techniques may not necessarily bring in results. 
You have to reinvent yourself from a dreaded sales person to a trusted advisor and earn respect. There is a whole new set of rules, approaches and tools. Honesty, deep knowledge and common sense are more effective. There is no headache of innumerable reminders or incessant follow ups.  You do not have to talk all the time. You do not have to be an unwanted guest. You can have honest conversations and behave like a thorough professional.
Position yourself as an expert and not as a salesman. Aim at a life time relationship starting from the very beginning. Become a problem solver of the client in everything and give impeccable after-sales service. 
Let your prospects know you through referrals and a well designed professional web site giving every detail. Through proper questions get into his intimate zones. Know the type of your customer-director (shows ego), socializer (expresses feelings) , thinker (why do you ask questions?), relator (who asks to talk about youself)- and handle each one accordingly.   
But with all these, the golden rules: have excitement and a good attitude, have a thorough product and business knowledge, focus on the top 20% interested customers, do follow up and concentrate on after sales are all still applicable and essential.  Be in your best body language, dress and groom well.  Be relaxed to sell more. Be confident before your customer. If you get a no ask why, why not?  After a no do not beat yourself. Fill your mind with your successes and forget the failure. It is his problem not yours. Keep your excitement and enthusiasm throughout. Improve your sales behavior through learning, listening, experiencing.  Talk only good about your competitors, and take every complaint as a great opportunity to build up the reputation of the company.
Identify the pain if he does not buy and the pleasure if he does.  Produce testimonials from people the customer knows. Give full attention, never displease him, and follow up until you win. Do not give promises you cannot (or do not intend to) keep up. Let your behavior be professional all the time and never let it slip down to a personal level. They want professional services from you all the time before or after the sales. You should always fulfill promises made and do more.  

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