Saturday, April 14, 2012

How old are you?

There are three different types of ages for man:  chronological, mental and biological. The Chronological age depends purely on the passage of time. It indicates the number of years passed since your birth. Mental age is the age you really feel you are. It has no relation to the chronological age. One can feel young at the age of eighty or ninety; another one can feel old when he is just past fifty. Biological age is a measure of a person's real age indicating how well one is performing for their years. It depends on the functions of the vital organs, diseases one has and one’s physical and mental fitness. This can be determined accurately only in a hospital. The functions of the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, brain, endocrine glands, and those of our senses (eyes, ears, nose and taste buds and skin) have to be medically ascertained.

Mental age depends on how one feels about himself: one’s weight, fat-body and muscle body ratios, aerobic, static and muscular fitness, how one spends his time and the goals one follows always, can all influence it. How one keeps one’s memory and brain exercised and focused is important too. If your memory has rusted, and if the thinking is blurred you have already aged irrespective of whether you are young or old and you will feel you are old.
One can reduce his mental and physiological ages but the chronological one is totally independent. 

There are ways to reduce your age: eat less that too fruits, whole grains and vegetables, avoid processed food, sugar and salt and too much alcohol.  Drink a lot of water, do aerobic, muscle building and flexibility exercises, keep ideal weight and muscle, fat body ratios. Go after something all the time, keep friendship with those of the opposite sex of any age, have a healthy sex-life, and be purposefully engaged. Help fellow men and empathize with others, live with your family or a loved one. Look for old age with warmth and plan the things that you would then do. Sleep well-eight hours in a cycle of twenty four hours is the ideal- go for picnics  give challenges to your grey matter, learn something new, exercise your brain and memory through crossword puzzles, memory diary and brain puzzles. Try new food, new dress, use your less proficient hand for your daily chores and resort to many others mentioned elsewhere in my blogs.  If one keeps these points his actual age will certainly be less than the chronological one.   

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