Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fast for super health

Today there are very few who are willing to forgo food; on the contrary we all want to eat more. Even the sick do not abstain from dining; there is a misconceived notion that eating helps body recover. It does not; it only harms. We have to learn from animals which totally fast when they are sick.
Parents try to force-feed children when they are sick; wives do the same to their husbands especially if they are newly-wed.  Abstaining from food during sickness is deemed incorrect by almost all of us: we have to fast or take little while we are indisposed so that the body energy could be channelized for curing.  Many are aware overeating is harmful but very few know that fasting and eating less is good for health.  Fasting is, perhaps, the best medicine ever.

Fast occasionally for a day; if that is uncomfortable skip lunch or dinner. Skip the snacks in between and reduce your intake.  It has been conclusively proven that if our calorie intake is limited to 1200 per day (our average calorie intake is above 2500 or more) we will live much more and that too healthily. Now the choice is yours. Eat less and enjoy health and longevity or eat sumptuously to your heart’s content (with good servings of fatty and fried stuff) and become sick and cut short your life.

The past is past and done with. How you have lived hardly matters. The now and the future is that which counts.   Decide at this moment to reduce your intake, fast occasionally and enjoy health. Eat only when you are really hungry and not because it is lunch or dinner time. Decide to take more fibrous food and water with deep colored fruits and vegetables; less sugar, salt and alcohol. If this effort is combined with exercises you are going to be super-fit.          


  1. i think the idea of fasting is so deep rooted in our indian society,when we dont eat our body converts body fat for energy and the it spoils the equilibrium of the body ,when we skip meals and fast body senses that it will have to convert body fat for energy ,so it naturally takes precaution by converting the food we eat later as body fat.so the people who skips meals will only become fatter .and our brain consumes 17 percent of the bodys energy for its working , how can anyone fasting be active and alert ?i think right amount of food according to your age and physical activity is the key to success ?

  2. i think idea food eating hone se payle pani khalena chaheye