Friday, April 27, 2012

How to cure a disease by yourself?

At the very outset let me remind you that your brain is the greatest healer in the world. You have access to it through your thoughts and the type of thoughts you engage in keep away from you or bring to you diseases of all kinds. When you go after cherished goals with an intense and persistent desire for long life and perfect health, diseases keep away. Even contagious viruses and bacteria cannot break the immunity your system builds up. New knowledge, new skills, new ways, new aims keep your mind and body renewed and healthy.
If you fear about illnesses and their onslaught, your brain, nervous system and every cell in your body get a corresponding awareness which may produce them in some form or other in the near future. Every cell in your body is aware of how you think and feel about yourself. Your body cells understand and change as per your sustained thoughts. Hence keep yourself engaged all the time and do not entertain thoughts of diseases.With all these you may get sick and here is a sure way to cure yourself. Let us start with say, chest congestion and occasional, slight breathing problem.

Sit relaxed but upright on a comfortable chair in a quiet place. Close your eyes, Take four or five deep, slow breaths holding each for 10 seconds or so and then exhale slowly feeling relaxed.  Count down from 10 to one feeling every cell of your body getting relaxed as you do so. Now hold your attention on breathing and exhaling alone. Feel (not think) your chest and the lungs as you slowly breathe in and out. You should feel the problem too: say, the difficulty in breathing or the light pain as your chest heaves up and down. (You will be able to feel your lungs nicely and fully with practice). Thank your lungs for all the good work they have been doing to you for years. Remain in a grateful state of mind for a few seconds feeling your chest and lungs. 

Now tell yourself feeling your chest and lungs: “subconscious mind, you have fashioned and sustained every single cell of my body. You are now making my lungs and chest perfectly alright." Repeat this four or five times holding your attention on the lungs and chest and feeling your lungs and chest getting cured. Let the words be said in a pleasant way, without any tension whatsoever believing that your mind will do the cure. (Please read an earlier blog: Your brain is god). Feel relieved as you breathe in and out and end the session in a happy state of mind. Repeat the same once more just before sleeping. There would be immediate relief; and if it was done in a believing state of mind you would have a total cure.  

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