Monday, April 16, 2012

Move briskly to succeed

Body and mind are interconnected; body physiology—the way you stand, sit, walk, talk, look, hold your head, chest and do gestures -- reveal your mental state. The most efficient body physiology – brisk and definite body postures, walking, looking and talking bring in success . A more confident state can be induced by being erect, having an open body posture and by moving briskly.  
On the other hand, by dropping shoulders, looking down, breathing shallow and muttering negative things infernally, a sad state would be induced. By changing the physical state,  mental state can be altered and the reverse is true too. Sadness, diffidence,  sorrow or failure makes one look down, drop shoulders, breathe shallow, and sit, stand like a defeated one.  
There is a current thinking that success implies moving more. The relation between moving briskly always and succeeding is well established. The more and brisker your movement the greater the success. Observe top level executives; they all  move briskly around, sit and walk in their peak state body physiology. Barak Obama has always been in his peak state body physiology. and he became supremely self confident and defeated a white lady to become the US president.  
One will have an energetic and enthusiastic mind if one keeps her body always in a peak state and move briskly. Highly successful executives are always more energetic and more brisk in everything they do than the slow and lethargic ones. Death comes when movement stops. As old age advances you see people ion decrepitude. They do not move and every organ starts to die.  
In my seminars I used to give this challenge to the participants: “there is a simple secret to succeed: move and walk briskly always.  Presuming it is very simple they start from the next day in right earnest.  But in a day or two they all return to their old ways. You see, it is not that simple or easy. You need a bulldog determination as a new habit is to be established by following the new pattern uninterruptedly for at least one and half months. Once you do you feel you more important and confident. Lethargy and slowness will eventually make you a good for nothing guy. Change the way you hold and move your body and change your destiny. 

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