Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reflections on Good Friday

Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans under the intense pressure of the Jews. The Roman Governor Pontius Pilate, fearful of an uprising, if Jesus was not put to death, ordered his crucifixion. The Jews had brought up a number of charges against the social reformer. Jesus never denied them in front of the authorities. Non-denial amounts to admission of guilt and there he went with the cross to the Golgotha.  

How can a punishment meted out by a Roman Governor become the atonement for the sins of man? Jesus never volunteered to die on the cross or undergo all the suffering. He was forced by the Roman soldiers. So many had been crucified before and after. Great men like Socrates were poisoned. See how people’s imagination work! May be the poor guiltless guy, when he was carrying the cross and being forcefully led to the hillock evoked these sentiments in the onlookers. He must be doing that for the sins of others. And St. Paul’s imagination did the rest. He found a divine meaning and thus a new religion began!

Why Judas had to betray him? as per the gospel narrations, Jesus was a very popular leader. He had done so may miracles, even given life to the dead Lazar! Thousands followed him. Still he had to be betrayed! Strange indeed.

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