Thursday, April 26, 2012

The best way to commuincate

The meaning of communication is in the result.  If your communication has not produced the desired result you have not in effect conveyed the information or communicated at all although you might think you have.  If the feedback is the intended result the communication has been one hundred percent successful.
If a politician speaks eloquently for hours and hours, he may not have communicated much to the audience who would be bored to the core. A simple guy would be very effective although he talks slowly and almost in a whisper. But people are in rapt attention and carry out whatever he wants.  Gandhi communicated likewise. No eloquence, not much gestures no public speaking technique. He talked from his heart whatever he believed and practiced.  He had clarity (avoided ambiguity), simplicity (neither difficult nor clothed in frills and fronds), precise and to the point.
Any communication would be highly effective if one follows these simple rules.
1.       The communicator must have absolute faith in what he communicates and he must be practicing the same.
2.       It should be precise, short, clear and to the point.
3.       It is important too that the recipient is in a conducive context to receive the information (avoid barriers to communication).
4.       In an oral communication, the communicator should use appropriate body language, facial expression, gestures, eye contact and ensure that the recipient got what he wanted to convey.
5.       Again he  should employ modulation ( use different pitches, intonation, voice patterns,  stress and non stress)  
6.       A lot of communication is done in a non-verbal way through: 1. facial expressions-looks, smile, displaying emotions and seriousness)  2. Gestures. 
Preparation:  Before any communication-let it be a written communication , meeting your boss, subordinates or a customer plan your talk and go through all the points to be covered beforehand. Edit the same to make it more attractive and impressive.   
In an effective communication, the receiver understands the exact information that the sender intended and acts accordingly.  Many problems will occur in organizations if people fail to communicate properly leading to confusion and failure of targets.

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