Friday, April 6, 2012

Don’t lie down licking your wounds.

How many have the persistence of Edison, Colonel Sanders, Henri Ford or the will of Nelson Mandela, Napoleon, Hitler, Gandhi or Martin Luther King? How many can overcome failures like Abraham Lincoln? How many of us can challenge adversities like Helen Keller? How many will dare like Mark Ingles (a double amputee who scaled Mount Everest)? How many of us have the IQ of Albert Einstein? How many can sing like Jim Reeves or Michael Jackson? How many can paint like Picasso or Michael Angelo?
How many has the bodily adornments of Elizabeth Taylor, or Brad Pitt? How many can write like Shakespeare? The great ones seem to be more born than made. 

But we need not be envious of those who are lucky (they did not ask for it). The world is not bothered whether you were born poor or rich, with high or low IQ and EQ,, in a home of love or strife. It wants you to win; it goes with the winners only. No arguments please. No questions entertained. That is how the game of life is played.

Who wants to know your history? The only relevant question is: ‘have you succeeded?’
The world does not want to know where you plan to reach.  What are you now? That is all what counts. If you don't want to come up that is your problem. There might be some negatives in your person ingrained or inherited from your parents and early childhood. But you have enough to succeed- a normal brain. And by intense desire, sheer work and persistence you can reach where you want to. You may not be able to become like the truly great ones. Become great by doing the small things you do in a great way.  Never  lie down licking your wounds. You will be left alone to rot and die. 

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