Sunday, January 24, 2016

Let all become atheists!

I just read a statement that if you believe anything strong enough, the universe makes it happen by emitting and receiving similar energies form the universe. I believe strongly that atheism is the only truth in this world. I don’t believe it for any selfish motive; it is absolutely required to make man ‘homo sapiens,’ and make him live with an independent intelligence or reasoning capability. Religions make man unrealistic, commit cruelties in the name of his god and live like drunkards striving for things like heaven that is not there at all. Further, armed with a better perspective of life, atheists are found to be more helpful to his fellow beings and they try to ease the pain of the poor and the orphaned.

All will all agree-statistics do- that atheistic societies are better in humane indices and are more law-abiding and more helpful to his neighbors than the religious ones. Gods give them freedom to kill, lie or cheat and later repent. What is the meaning of repentance when you have taken away the right of an individual to live? Even the gods have shown examples by killing millions for their selected tribe. Is there any meaning for the commandment not to kill? Is there any meaning for any commandment? They were simply plagiarized form the laws of the then advanced societies.

Pope Francis says Islam’s God is the same as that of Jews and Christians. But the three religions have been fighting each other for centuries. God fights himself! What more fucking proof we need to prove there is no god?

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  1. Only a gullible fool would not agree with you, mind you there seems to be plenty of those rattling about.