Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why one has to be only an atheist?

Different religions have very different ideas of what god is like; they even disagree about basic issues such as how many gods there are, whether they're male or female, whether they have children or not.
Every religion is different. It's worth mentioning that religions such as Buddhism and Taoism are atheistic. Bible God is simply a Killer God. Judaism and Islam have one supreme, jealous God. Hinduism has many gods. Some societies are animistic.  In short, there is no consensus among religions as to what god actually is.

If there is a god he is demonic who kills children like insects for eons and makes people suffer. One in two of all people born into this world has not attained puberty. Those who reached adulthood are haunted by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, diseases, plagues and deadly viruses. The only reality is suffering.  In the quakes of the 20th century more than 1,250,000 people died. People have died likewise in all the 4000 centuries man has been here on this earth. Death by floods alone is around a million a century. Those who die in volcanoes, tempests and hurricanes will be more. Due to various epidemics since the birth of Jesus, more than 200 billion have died. In the 1918 flue pandemic, 75 Million died worldwide. Certain plagues have obliterated human societies and others like cholera and small pox decimated them. Is this the outcome of a loving God’s Providence? The only thing available in abundance for the poor are the religious texts like Bible. Quakes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods, plaques, famine, diseases, poverty and horrendous viruses.

Even the ultimate purpose of life is different in each religion. Buddhism speaks of Nirvana-the cessation from attachment. For Christianity it is spiritual life with god in heaven. Islam’s heaven is a material one full of worldly pleasures. Hinduism promises Moksha- escape from life and rebirth cycles. There is no consensus here too. Even morality is altogether different. What is good in one religion can be bad in another. In short their gods are different, their purpose of life is different and their morality is different.
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I do not think there can be a more foolish thing than religious beliefs. Christians believe God created the first parents out of His immense love. But He puts them to a test and man failed. The loving God immediately opened the gates of hell and started roasting the souls of men, women and children for all eternity. God is not moved by their agony or screams, but He pushes them down deeper into the nether depths of fire to suffer, suffer and suffer. Eternal roasting in hell for a momentary sin in this life-sounds like demonic. Still Christians consider God is love although He didn't desist from sending the test to avoid all suffering; instead He sent a wily serpent to tempt the fragile first parents!

Jesus was born a Jew and lived a Torah-abiding one and died a Jew. He exhorted people to mend their ways and return to the Jewish God. As Jesus called the Jewish elite: ‘sons of serpents’ and ‘white washed tombs,’ they pressurized the Romans to kill him. Later Paul found a divine meaning for his passion and death and a new religion got birth with the rituals and sacraments of mystery religions like Mithraism. In Paul’s epistles there is not even one word about his virgin birth or the miracles he did. They were all added into the gospels that were written much after Paul had left the scene, incorporating his theology that Jesus died for our sins!.   

The original Jewish God is the Christian God too. But as Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans at the instigation of the Jews, Christianity encouraged hatred towards Jews and when it became powerful-after the Roman Empire made it their official religion-it started persecuting Jews and this has been going on for the last 2000 years! Thus Yahweh-the common God of the two groups- inspired Christians to kill God's people whom He had selected so judiciously and freed from Egyptian slavery.  He had helped them settle in the land of Canaan by massacring surrounding kingdoms and guarded them like a possessed one. He always traveled with them in the desert in an arc. It is contradictory to the nature of any god to let his chosen sect get persecuted and killed by a new sect owing allegiance to him. 

Paul adopted many festivals like Christmas and Easter  as such from the mystery cults.  The birth of Jesus was pictured with shepherds, wise men, divine star; a dictator trying to kill the child and so on as seen in the stories of the births of many mythical gods that were celebrated on December 25th.  In the Zoroastrian cult there were elaborate celebrations on December 25th: bells were rung, hymns sung, candles lit, sacraments of blood and water administered to the initiate. The ‘Roman Saturnalia’ a festival held on December 25th in the mystery cults of Italy, was one of the brightest of all festivals held in the early times. Christians simply adopted these; “Santa Claus" and “Christmas tree" were all later additions. The story of the Immaculate Conception and connected legends and the miracles were invented to picture him as a god. Remember many of the mythological and pagan gods of those times had Immaculate Conception and they had done many miracles. 

Present day scholars find the genealogy given in the gospels- added to show that Jesus is the heir of the promise made to Abraham- totally wrong. If he was born of a virgin what is the use of giving the genealogy extending to Joseph. No early Christian knew when Christ was born. The Encyclopedia Britannica says: "Christians count one hundred and thirty-three contrary opinions of different authorities concerning the year in which the Messiah appeared on earth." Nobody knew when the Almighty god was born on this earth! The date and month of his birth were unknown. As Antonmaria Lupi, a learned Jesuit, has mentioned, the nativity of Christ has been assigned to every month in the year, at one time or another. His miracles were not known to the early Christians too as there is no mention of them in the Paul's epistles. The Greek Gospel writers, more or less a century after his death, wanted to picture him as one of the mythical gods who also did many such miracles.   

Bible’s classic pagan deity, Baal-worshiped by Canaanites-was a fertility god and was sometimes called the Lord of Rain and Dew. He was a second tier deity in the pantheon of the Canaanite gods who were presided over by EI whose cohort was Asherah. Yahweh, a warrior god and the lord of a number of nature phenomena-like storm, fire and earthquake in the Mid-East region somehow got into the EI group of gods and later on when each god was assigned a kingdom he became Israel’s deity. Later, he slowly turned into a universal god with the uttering of some mad-prophet-followers.  

Religions have done more harm than good to man even in today's world. A considerable percentage of man’s resources and time have been wasted for religions. Moral principles would have evolved anyway as they are essential for the peaceful co-existence of man. If there was no religion, there would have been no Anglo French war, no suicide bomber, no 9/11, no Crusade, no witch-hunt, no Hindu Muslim rivalry/war, no Arab Israeli war, no Serb/Croat/Muslim massacre, no persecution of Jews, no gas chamber, no honor killing, no Jihadi, no terrorist, no Taliban, no Osma Bin Laden, no oppression of women, no beheading of blasphemers and no persecution in the name of religions.  Millions have perished in each century due to religious conflicts alone. The danger of religious faith is that it allows otherwise normal human beings to become mad and commit in human acts considering them holy.

In the catholic Church today there 119 cardinals, 2946 bishops, an equal number of auxiliaries,  19,583 parish  priests and 2,79,561 religious priests. 7,05,529 sisters, and 55,314 brothers all of whom  lead a care-free life at the expense of the faithful. There must be perhaps an equal number of clergy in the other denominations too, doing no work, but living as parasites feeding on the earnings of the faithful.  If they could work, earn and live like others this world would have been a better place. 
It’s good to recollect that almost all people are atheists except that they believe in their own religion. 
A comprehensive survey revealed that only about 14 percent of English speaking professional philosophers are theists. Surveys of the members of the National Academy of Sciences, composed of the most prestigious scientists in the world, show that religious belief among them is practically nonexistent, about 7 percent only. In the European Middle Ages belief in a God was ubiquitous, while today it is rare among the intelligentsia. There has been a dramatic change in the last few centuries in the proportion of believers among the highly educated  Western world. I genuinely find the gods of religions like Christianity to be less plausible than, say, Father Christmas. I'm astonished that people still believe such stupid stuff.  

Religions come and go. There will be a time when Jesus and Christianity will become historical references. If we take man's history, many religions have come and gone already. Now God, Yahweh is already a part of history and everything is Jesus. Great Mithra, Osiris, Apollo, Horus are all gone. The present gods will disappear too. Faith has actually convinced believers that there's an invisible power - living in the skies - watching everything they do. He has given his directions though his prophet/son for the ordinary mortals to obey and follow. If people don’t live accordingly, the power has prepared a special place for them full of fire, burning and torture. He will send them there to suffer, burn, get roasted alive and scream forever. Still religious believers say this power is love! Is a believer like a drunken man and a non-believer more like a sober one? 

only a minuscule minority of scientists- who read thousands of books- are religious. But people who read only one spiritual book like the Bible or Quran in their whole life are deeply religious. How strange! Bible needs to be banned-what is written in it is not even readable. The OT god was an incarnation of revenge, ethnic cleansing, murder. anger,rape, incest, oppression of women, loving animal and human sacrifices and lover of the nudity of his prophets. In the deluge, Bible God Yahweh destroyed entire human race and all living things other than Noah and those left with him in the ark.He sent burning sulfur from heaven and killed all who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah.He sent his angels to behead firstborns of every Egyptian. When the first born of humans were finished God beheaded the firstborn cattle too. Why did He not even spare the children, toddlers, infants, the newborns, the crippled, the old and the sick? Is He a monstrous demon?  

If there is no freewill the whole edifice of Christendom will simply crumble into myriad pieces and disappear incognito.  If God is  just, he certainly wants to reward those who respond to His commandments and punish those who do not, He must have then endowed each one with equal freedom. Unless every man is equally free to do good or bad, there will be no meaning for God’s final judgment. Even Catholics admit that many factors determine human will.  Mind is a function of the corporal organism which is determined by the internal and external forces. Children, the psychotic, patients of hysteria, the mentally retarded and so on cannot deliberate or use freewill as normal men can. Thus only a few have been made capable of using Free-Will. Even among them  our actions are very much influenced by how we have been brought up and how we have been programmed. Simply put, we are not all that free in our deliberations or life choices. We lead a life and act according to the biology and structure of our brain, body constitution, early childhood experiences and prevailing culture we are brought up in. There is no meaning for freewill and hence there is no meaning for Christendom.
Universe is self originating and there is no need for a creator at all. God, soul, afterlife-all these have been the creation of the primitive mind of man. Like many others, even Jesus is mythical. Judaism, Christianity and Islam together have inflicted a sizable percentage of all the afflictions that have befallen man in the last 3 millennia. Religions are bound to be out in a century or two. Atheists have become the fastest growing group in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia. The greatest mind living today-Stephen Hawking- has said this universe does not need a god.the greatest brain ever lived-Einstein-has mentioned feeble souls harbor thoughts of soul out of fear. There is no need for a god at all for living this life which is a cosmic blink of consciousness


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