Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bible God is cruel, unjust& blood-thirsty

Who is God? People speak of him as if they know everything about Him. Do they know anything? Is it not a mere concept passed on to us by ancient man who invented him to explain his own life, wondrous nature phenomena, and calamities beyond his power and about which he knew nothing. He thought of a creator to explain what he perceived. What was this God doing before the creation? Where did come from and where does He live? Where is heaven?

The Bible speaks of his anger, vengeance, tyranny and is pictured as an ethnic maniac who loved the smell of burnt blood, and fatty flesh. In the Bible He has committed more crimes than Hitler and Napoleon combined.  He beheads the firstborn, massacres people and armies brutally, annihilates entire human race in a deluge, burns cities like Sodom and Gomorrah, persuades incest and rape of virgins; He oppresses women,  encourages slavery, and is obsessed with his tribe, Israel. Even to them He is a terror. (kindly read OT books)

This is not the picture of a Universal Being who loves all his creation. There is no element of love anywhere in the Bible at all. Even the greatest criminal does not deserve to be roasted in raging fire for all times. But God has been doing it from day one. He pushed one third of the angels into eternal fire as they failed to owe full allegiance to Him. When the first parents failed in the test, He started producing every instrument of pain –thistles, thorns, barren lands, famines, floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, deadly quakes, horrendous plagues, various diseases, including contagious ones which obliterated human societies and punishment in hell after death!.  People have been dying like insects down here. More than half of all people who have so far taken birth have died before the age of 15! Is He a monster who loves creating and butchering people for his fiendish joy?  He does so by creating the psychotic, the feeble minded, the crippled, the blind, the deaf and so many other invalids.    

He consistently demonstrates a love for inflicting suffering upon his creation. He sent the test knowing very well they would fail. Further, to ensure that the first parents failed, he sent a wily serpent to tempt Eve. If He is all-knowing he should have desisted form such a foolish decision as He knew the result. But he did make them fail and brought in the all the imaginable and unimaginable cruelties.  All this goes well with His fiendish nature.

His plan for man’s salvation looks to be quite silly. He being all powerful He could have simply forgiven them or as mentioned already he could have simply avoided the test. For a momentary disobedience how can this God punish all the descendants of the first parents-trillions of innocent people- and make their life horrendous in this life and in the after life? Wild beasts had torn them apart in the beginning; people have been dying without food or water and due to the other reasons mentioned above. Pain is the only reality He sends to man.
God has promised man that he would answer all his prayers. In reality not a single prayer has been answered. He foretold that he would come with all the splendors in clouds to make the final judgment in Jesus' own time; but nothing has happened. He has asked people to multiply like the sands on the shores and He would take care of them like He does the birds of the air. But they are in extreme poverty sans food, sans cloth and sans food. He does not keep even his promises. He speaks of salvation only to those who are baptized and who follow His commandments. But people follow their own God thinking theirs is the true One. Why does He not let all people know who the true God is and how to gain eternal life?

There cannot be a God like what the Christians believe.

But there has been some notion of some kind of a god throughout history. Some others say He is above all comprehension. Anyway, from what is going on it is certain He is not loving, compassionate or merciful, but cruel, monstrous unjust and blood-thirsty.   

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