Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why atheism spreads?

The non-religious are the fastest growing group in USA and perhaps in the whole world. In Europe, Australia and Canada most people are secular and the ornate churches are empty. This trend is catching on in the Unites States and in the other nations too. College students are fast becoming non-religious. Hundreds of secular free thinking campus organizations are springing up everywhere. Atheists’ books such as Sam Harris’ “ End of faith,” Daniel Dennett’s, “Breaking the Spell,” Richard Dawkins’ “God delusion” and   Christopher Hitchens’s “God is not Great”  are phenomenal successes.  
You can’t believe if you don’t have the freedom not to believe. I was convinced of my faith and later  I was unconvinced of my faith.  I still basically maintain the Christian values such as kindness, love, giving and temperance.  But I have become a humane atheist. My change of mind is an indictment of Christianity itself.

Which god is true? Which religion is true? Who knows? There have been innumerable wars, communal riots and hatred thinking one’s god is superior to the other. Islam tries to convert Christians into its fold and Christianity tries to convert Muslims. American protestant evangelists try to convert Catholics into their group. Every sect tries to bring believers form other sects into its fold. Every religion and its followers think their god is the real and mightier one.

Children and people have died like insects since man’s appearance here in plagues and contagious diseases; in natural calamities like flood, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis; without adequate food, water and medical help. The so called loving god has been very indifferent and is definitely unconcerned about man down here. There is no 'eye' seeing the poor and the sick suffer. The only eye is the impersonal eye of natural selection, which is a process of survival and not a careful loving god’s eye.

 Most of the Christians have invested a lot of their time, resources and energy in Christianity and they would not want to hear an atheist as that will not get any merit from their community. Many Christians have only little familiarity with the Bible; yet they think what they believe is the truth.  Church pews are filled with Biblical illiterate worshipers. Even the least knowledgeable atheist knows enough to judge Bible’s unreliability or irrelevance. How many Christians know about Islam? Yet they feel qualified to discard Koran and Islam which is followed by millions around the world. Is a Christian rejection of Hinduism based on an extensive study of the Vedas and the Upanishads?  Is it fair for Catholicism to reject Judaism the original religion promoted by their own God?  The important question must not be whether Christianity is popular but whether it is true?

Religious believers generally agree that the evidence for God is very weak and feeble. The arguments for God is convincing only if you are predisposed to believing them.  The theists give no independent means of testing their spiritual insight. Truth does not ask to be believed; it can be tested. Scientists do not gather in a church or temple to pray we believe in gravity….what goes up must come down…. they know it. Faith is something you do not understand or know. I prefer freedom to the chains of the nonsense of orthodoxy.

The believer loses a lot by his faith. He diminishes this life by preferring the myth of an afterlife. Rejecting religion can be a positive and a liberating experience. That could be the reason why academics and scientists (least religious community) in general have become far less religious than the common believers.  Free thinkers have always been in the forefront of social and moral progress. Non-believers have more time and hence they have more ability to make this world a better place.
Religions arose due to various natural reasons: fear of death and of the unknown, ignorance of the nature phenomena, helplessness and dreams.     

Theists give no independent means of testing their spiritual insight. There is no evidence that the theists are moral than atheists; in fact the contrary is true as evidenced by centuries of religious violence which continue even now. Further they do not know which god is the true one-Christian/Islamic/Hindu one. Believers have a bigger risk than non-believers. Suppose Allah is stronger than Yahweh, he will roast Christians forever.

The stories of the Bible are just stories and Jesus is simply a myth.  Gospels were written AD70-140 In Greek by preachers who wanted to project Jesus as a god like the pagan ones form whom they incorporated virgin birth, miracles, dying and resurrection. The Old Testament stories can be found in many of the other earlier myths. If you know the Bible impartially you will discard your faith and become an atheist. Our descendants will not even listen to such primitive beliefs.  


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