Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bible is totally man-made

There is no evidence to support the claim made by Christians that the Bible speaks about the true God.  Bible is neither historical nor authentic; but it is a collection of 66 books cobbled together by unconnected men of antiquity who depended extensively on the myths and stories of their times, spanning over 2000 years. There are more than enough contradictions and falsehoods to prove that the Bible is not God- inspired. Entire sections of the text have been redacted over time. We do not know about the authors and there is no evidence or documental proof for the contents.
Where is the evidence for God’s love for humans?

He created men to torture them in hell for all times, it seems. Immediately after the creation, He sends a test knowing very well they will fail and even assigns the wily serpent to tempt them. Later he made them suffer in every way. They take birth and die often like insects in the natural calamities like volcanic eruptions,earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and in plagues like cholera, small pox and famines. Horrendous diseases are hounding man –cancer, blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes- and they suffer the ordeal. There are billions who cannot have a meal a day or a covering over their head. Man has been in pain ever since his appearance here. If there is an omnipotent ordaining the lives of man, He must be a monster who enjoys people's suffering and dying like ants.

If there had been a real Jesus it does not prove anything at all

The gospels are not historical documents but were written a century or so after Jesus’ death in Greek -that was unknown to Jesus or his disciples-and that too in places far away from where he is said to have lived and preached-by unknown preachers who did not have any firsthand knowledge of the man at all.  They were written after the Greek, Egyptian and Roman gods who were born of virgins and  who performed many miracles and who were killed and who rose up again and ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of their father.  

Whatever they wrote were based on hearsay upon hearsay upon hearsay accounts of early Christians who had started believing the Messiah had already come.   Still there are so many contradictions between the 4 gospels: the genealogy given by Mark and Matthew do not match at all.  There is the glaring Elijah controversy.  The gospel writers know nothing about the early years of his birth.  The birth stories, the census and references to Roman rulers are historically wrong.

For Mark, Luke an Matthew Jesus was a son of man but for John he is the Almighty God himself. There are many other mismatches between them. Mark, Luke and Matthew mention only one Passover in his time but John mentions three.  According to John his ministry lasted 3 years but the synoptic gospels mention only one year’s public life. He is known as a Nazarene although there was no mention of the town Nazareth in any document until the 4th century! The gospel authors even invented his habitat!       
The contemporary historians of Jesus’ time are totally silent about him. There is no artifact, dwelling, self-written manuscript, court record, eyewitness testimony, official diary, birth record, or book. Nothing survives from the time in which he is said to have lived.

The New Testament, as a whole, contains many other internal inconsistencies as a result of its piecemeal construction. Like the Old Testament, it too had entire books and sections redacted. The Biblical account of Jesus has striking similarities with other mythologies and texts and many of his supposed teachings existed prior to his time. It is likely the character was either partly or entirely invented amalgamating the Greco-Roman, Egyptian mythical gods, their stories  and prophecies. 

Even if Jesus’ existence could be established, this would in no way validate Christian theology or any element of the story portrayed in the Bible, such as the performance of miracles or his resurrection. Simply because it is conceivable a heretical Jewish preacher named Yeshua lived circa 30 AD, had followers and was executed, does not imply God himself walked around Palestine at that time. 

The whole story of Jesus, the savior and the grand design of God breaks down when we accept the story of evolution. If evolution is accepted there is no Adam and eve; there is no first sin and there is no need for a grand design from God to save mankind an there is no need for even the Bible itself or the Christian God.   

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  1. I am not belittling any religion.But if there is no logic,it can not be believed.In Hindu scriptures there is ample room for criticism.People can accept or reject sermons!! Can believe or not believe.Semetic religions are dictating God's will on others,often give rice to suspicion about God's involvement in these sacred books.No God can be so cruel to his own creations !!