Friday, October 23, 2015

Universe or life does not need a god

There are scientists who think of Human beings like brain controlled biological robots with no soul or free will. The question of a religion or god does not arise then. But religious people look at this world and life here from the heart and brain of their faith and they see a God behind the creation of the universe and man’s life here. The believers are perhaps in a drunken state and they feel ‘high’ with their belief in God unlike the sober non believers who have their feet firm on the soil below. As to a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail, those who are believers see god everywhere.

 Big Bang was an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics just like the formation of earth and life in it was an inevitable event. Because there is gravity there will be big crunches and big bangs without the aid of any external force whatsoever. Hawking has said, ‘because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. The existence of God (first mover) is no longer necessary to explain how the universe was created or is moving forward. In the quantum world of subatomic particles the law of cause and effect no more holds good; a big bang could emanate without a real cause.   ,  

  There must be thousands of stars out there with earth-like planets with probably life in there. Ignorance due to great distances does not necessitate the need for making earth remarkable or life here unique. This was thought of by man  to bring in a god who alone could design such a wonderful thing. It is simply a byproduct of a sun-like star of an ever evolving universe. The relative mass of the earth and the sun and its distance from the star are not remarkable occurrences. There must be plenty of such combinations in this vast universe; as distances involved are too big we may not have been able to locate similar combinations so far. Among the infinite number of permutations and combinations in star-planets formations, combinations similar to ours are quite possible and probable. No wonder some scientists are thinking seriously about extra terrestrial life and aliens who might colonize us.       

 There is no need to invoke God to guide our lives or  to set the universe going.  There is no soul and there is no god who interferes with man’s life. As Einstein has mentioned feeble souls harbor such thoughts out of fear  

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