Friday, November 13, 2015

Develop your personality-1

Have you ever thought why some people have lots of friends while others do not?                                                                                                                    
Why some are climbing up the ladder so effortlessly while others remain at the lower or middle rungs?                                                                                          

Why are some welcome in any group while others have to lead a lonely life?
 The difference is largely due to the type of personalities these people have.                                              
While some people are likable, well-mannered, ambitious, smart, healthy with articulate communicative ability: others are negative, unhealthy, least interested in dressing and grooming and difficult to deal with.

Try to observe parties and you will notice how those who are confident, always smiling and going out of their way to talk with others are the life of the party, while there are  those who prefer to stay in one corner, all by their lonesome selves.  

People have different characteristics that are reflected in their social and interpersonal interactions with others. Some are: sociable and enthusiastic,  
friendly and kind,  
Organized and hardworking  
§    Calm and tranquil
§    Intellectual and creative     


There are those who are not sociable, friendly, organized, hardworking, intelligent or calm.                                                                                                    
These five personality dimensions provide a very broad overview of one’s personality. Most people’s personality is a combination of each of these personality characteristics. For example, someone can be highly social, hardworking and extremely creative but unfriendly and highly emotional. Any number of permutation and combination is possible with these characteristics. Someone who is high in intellect and sociable can be creative, witty and humorous. On the other hand one who is high in Intellect but low in sociability will be more reflective. A few are neither intelligent, agreeable nor sociable.   A number of us are highly sensitive, hot tempered and impulsive although intelligent.
Whatever these combinations and permutations are, your personality sends out a signal that others read and respond accordingly. Hence it is all the more crucial we develop a positive, capable and dynamic personality.

There are researchers who maintain that personality is stable throughout life depending on one’s early childhood experiences, education, profession and marriage.  Making people understand that they can develop or improve their personality is not all that easy. Sometimes it is an overwhelming task as many feel they cannot improve their personality at all. Anyone who is sane can take command of his personality and develop it the way he wants to. There are many new concepts and techniques available now which have been laid out before you by the experts. 
 You have the potential in you to change your personality for the better. You may have good IQ, good emotional set-up, good education, good health and so on enabling you to take your personality to higher levels.

You need first to desire and dream to change it for the better. Probably that is why you are reading this. You can easily develop a better one by knocking off the rough edges, polishing the rusted parts, and making the whole appearance shine. You need to change fundamentally your thought patterns and beliefs too.  

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