Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Is there true democracy in India?

During the 65 years of Congress rule, the peopole have been incapable to get rid of corruption, red-tap-ism, total inefficiency  pervasive in the government departments or to reduce the massive spending on weapons, military aircraft, submarines, arms and ammunition. This poor nation had been the biggest purchaser of these in the world which become obsolete in a few years as they have been sourced mainly from socialist countries like the USSR,notorious for inefficiency and low quality. The poor do not know the predominant interest had been kickbacks: (remember Bofors) and the not-so distant opportunity for another purchase. We do expect a change in all these with the advent of the BJP government.
The poor, emaciated, sick, hungry, sick masses can be swindled this way or that on simple emotional or religious issues. Anything is possible with wealth (leaders have amassed plenty of it) and political acumen to sway the mood of the masses playing on their sentiments. The Congress politicians have made the masses understand that corruption is an essential trait of the Indian psyche and none can overcome the malaise. The Nehrus have created a corrupt political machinery and a huge bureaucracy There had been no count of the wealth of the political leaders in foreign secret accounts and as every effort is thwarted to reveal the names, even the middle class do not know the extent of the looting of the wealth of this nation.
If a lie is repeated thousand times it becomes a truth. The media-both print and visual-had been controlled largely by the political rulers or their sycophants and they write/broadcast all sorts of lies to confound even a sane man. They had been saying India is poised to be a super power (we are very poor and we receive massive aid from the developed world even now). They do not mention that one out of two houses in the rural areas do not have a toilet and that half of all our children are mal-nourished, stunted or sick.This highly corrupt  nation is high in hunger, poverty, infant mortality, backwardness of women and maternal mortality and very poor in health care and living standards. 

Illiteracy rate is so high that almost half of the electorate cannot read and write. Almost 50% of the entire population is so poor that they are always preoccupied with fetching the bare necessities to survive.  In the live or die survival scenario nothing else matters. They do not and cannot know who is a better politician, which party is good for them or what the rulers have been doing with the national wealth so far.   

Our political system has not been a true democracy in the real sense of the term but richocracy' the rule by the rich and the powerful for the poor and the average. Even the judiciary can be influenced by the wealthy and the powerful leaders. The vast majority of poor Indians living in the rural areas and urban slums without proper housing, electricity, drinking water, food, schools have no say in anything. The government servants, traders organized unions, and employees decide the elections. The vast majority, the poor cast their vote as they have been 'swayed' by means available to the  political parties and their candidates.    

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