Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gods' work: perpetuate wars&conflicts

From the earliest times, tribes fought for their tribal all-father or deity who prodded his followers to defeat others and establish his superiority. Gods have partitioned the earth; each sect owing allegiance to a god carved out a certain portion of the inhabited lands.  Man has used gods to get enriched and rule others (every king proclaimed himself as a god’s representative thus assuming divine right to subjugate the masses). Later, when organized religions were established, they fought to establish their  might and it continues to this day.

The followers of the mythological religions which flourished in the Roman Empire persecuted the early Christians and murdered many of them.  When Christianity gained upper hand (as the Roman emperor accepted it as the official religion) it became the persecutor. The Inquisition courts of the Catholic Church threw thousands alive into the dens of lions, burnt more in boiling oil and killed or torched others. Even scientists were not spared for upholding the truth (remember Bruno and Galileo who were persecuted or burnt alive for rejecting foolishness advocated by the Church).  

The Islamic conquerors killed innumerable followers of the other religions and forcibly converted many into Islam at gun point.  Nobody knows how many perished in the crusades waged between Christians and Muslims! The crimson blood of the children of the oldest religion, Judaism, gushed through the covered up canyons of many countries as they upheld their faith in their Bible God. Even now the Arab Israeli wars do not seem to end.  

When one religion disintegrated into a number of denominations, as did Christianity and Islam, innumerable wars followed. The Anglo-French wars and others of Europe in the 18th and 19th were between the protestant and catholic nations. It continued to the middle of the twentieth century.  In the latter half of the twentieth century we see wars becoming common between the different  sects of Islam. Continued war between Iran and Iraq, the threat of a conflict between GCC nations and Iran emanate from the animosity between Sunnis and Shiites. Sectarian Islamic warfare is spreading wherever the sects are becoming powerful. Christian nations conquered Islamic Afghanistan and Iraq killing or maiming millions for their own motives!      

Jihadists  immolate themselves in the name of their god to murder people believinhg in another god. Terror has become a real threat to the existence of man himself. The echoes of bayonet charges and fusillades of terrorists across the borders of different nations resound in deafening intensity. Meaningful harmony seems to be almost impossible as one god’s demands look conflicting with another's. Followers owe allegiance to their god and their group in an emotionally charged context and communal conflicts can arise any moment in countries where different religions co-exist and become a full-fledged war

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