Saturday, November 21, 2015

Religions will be out in a century?

Celebrity atheists are wide-ranging and include people like Mark Twain, Nehru, Mark Zuckerberg, Lance Armstrong, Warren Buffet, and Jodie Foster. Even so, they don’t make it on to our list of most influential living atheists. They, like so many other atheists, didn’t make a big deal out of their atheism and they lived their lives without God, but were happy to let other people live their lives with God. There are a few others who fight for atheism denouncing theism as nonsense. 

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Atheists believe nature is self originating and there Is no need for a creator at all. There is no god, no soul, no afterlife-all these have been the creation of the primitive mind of man.  The universe or life does not have any purpose although individuals may harbor some purpose in life.

Faith in God should be rejected as it has been the cause of innumerable evils and waste of human resources. Tolerance of religions has been a major cause for many evils and terrorist acts. And we will be able to rid the world of religions only by creating awareness through science and reason.

Morality does not require belief in God and people behave better without faith in any god. Developed societies which are fast becoming atheistic show this trend. 
As God does not exist and as the universe is purposeless, we can strive for a world in which happiness is ensured for the max. no of people.  We all will suffer and die eventually that is how nature has set things. But senseless terrorism and communal wars can all be avoided..

Judaism, Christianity and Islam together have inflicted a sizable percentage of all the afflictions that have befallen man in the last 3 millennia. Abolishing faiths of all kinds is necessary to get rid of a lot of evil. 

Religion makes one think it’s god’s’ will to destroy Israel, USA, France, or bomb innocent Christians of Iraq or Syria. Christians may believe it is their right to bomb Islamic terrorists or abortion clinics.  Islamic nations believe there is no place for the followers of any other faith in their country.Theology of one sect tells its followers to destroy another faction just like the protestants made wars with the Catholics for years in Europe.

All these will lead to killing and how can the world get rid of such maiming and indiscriminate massacre in the name of God? 

There is only one solution: get rid of religions altogether. rivalry between Christianity, Islam and Judaism have caused enough destruction already.

Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Hawkins, Michael Shermera, Stephen Weinberg, Krauss, P.Z.Meyers, Peter Atkins,  Barbara Forest, David Sloan Wilson, Ray Kurzweil, William B Provine, P.A.Varghese --and so many others are working on this noble task. Religion will have to be out of the face of the earth in a century or so.  


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